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[Generation Guide] Worldview: Add it to create a punk world.

[Generation Guide] Worldview: Add it to create a punk world.

Hello everyone. When you say "punk" in the image generation prompt, SteamPunk, CyberPunk, etc. are often used, but there are many other punks that can produce interesting image effects. The effects will vary depending on the base model, LoRA, filters, etc., but we'll introduce a few of them. * Word      * Image Features (Effects) SteamPunk ・・・ Steam engines and Victorian atmosphere, gears, goggles, top hats,icons such as corsets,distorted utopias and contradictions, airships,mechanical calculators, etc. CyberPunk ・・・ Neon colors, neon lights, neon green, neon blue, gadgets, goggles near future, high-tech machines RococoPunk ・・・ A whimsical aesthetic derived from cyberpunk that thrusts a punk attitude into the18th century Rococo era SlimePunk ・・・ Radioactivity/biohazard symbols, green luminous objects, gas masks, rubber gloves,mall goth themes and clothing, etc. Black, green, purple, red RayPunk ・・・ Technological psychedelia, non-standard "science", alternative or distorted, twisted realities, etc. AfroPunk ・・・  Afro hair, voluminous hair, perms, black people, dark skin, thick lips, earth colors, etc. CatholicPunk ・・・  Crosses, priests, priest robes, cassocks ClownPunk ・・・  Clowns, red noses, white makeup, face paint, colorful, pop colors, red           Funky hairstyles and fashion AtomPunk ・・・  Goggles, headgear, headphones, orange BioPunk ・・・  Green, tubes, cords, headgear A Scientist ClockPunk ・・・ Clocks and pocket watches, gears, goggles, hats, gadgets DecoPunk ・・・  Almost steampunk, hats, goggles, instruments Dieselunk ・・・  Diesel-type machinery, goggles, hats ElfPunk ・・・  Elves and fairies, green, pointy ears LunarPunk ・・・  Fewer gadgets and machines than steampunk MythPunk ・・・  Mythpunk is a subgenre of mythological fiction that originates from mythology NanoPunk ・・・ Futuristic, sophisticated machines, not many gadgets NowPunk ・・・  Leather jackets, punk rock fashion * Other than these... SteelPunk ・ StonePunk ・ SpacePunk ・ SolarPunk ・ NeonPunk ・ AnalogPunk ・ AnimalPunk ・ BirdPunk ・ CosmoPunk ・ DigitalPunk ・ DinosaurPunk ... and many more 🙂 It might be interesting to try other combinations too 🙂 * The following images were created under the following conditions : Base model: RealCartoon - Special, LoRA: None, VAE: Automatic, Sampler: DPM2 Prompt = 1girl, creates beautiful women with the theme of "■■Punk"
Prompt reference for "Lighting Effects"

Prompt reference for "Lighting Effects"

Hello. I usually use "lighting/lighting effects" when generating images. I will introduce some of the "words" I use when I want to add something. Please note that these words alone do not provide 100% effectiveness, and the base model The effect you get will differ depending on the LoRA sampling method and where you place it in the prompt. Words related to "lighting effects" ・ Backlight :  Light from behind the subject ・ Colorful lighting :  The impression itself is not colored, but the color changes depending on the light. ・ moody lighting :  natural lighting, not direct artificial light ・ studio lighting :  A term used to describe the artificial lighting of a photography studio. ・ Directional Light :  directional light source is a light source that shines parallel rays in a selected direction. ・ Dramatic lighting :  Lighting techniques in the field of photography ・ Spot lighting :  A lighting technique that uses artificial light in a small area. ・ Cinematic lighting :  A single word that describes several lighting techniques used in movies. ・ Bounce Lighting :  Light reflected by a reflex plate, etc. ・ Practical Lighting :  Photographs and videos that depict the light source itself in the composition ・ Volumetric lighting :  A word derived from 3DCG. It tends to be a picture with a divine golden light source. ・ Dynamic lighting :  I don't really understand what it means, but it tends to create high-contrast images. ・ Warm lighting :  Creates a warm picture illuminated with warm colors ・ Cold lighting :  Lights with a cold light source. ・ High-key lighting :  Soft light, minimal shadows, low contrast, resulting in bright frames ・ Low-key lighting :  It provides high contrast, but the impression is a little weak. ・ Hard light :  Strong light. Highlights appear strong. ・ soft light :  A word that refers to faint light. ・ strobe lighting :  strong artificial light (stroboscopic lighting) ・ Ambient light :  An English word that refers to ambient lighting/indoor lighting. ・ flash lighting  :  For some reason, the characters themselves tend to emit light, and there are often flashes of light.  (flash lighting photography)  ・ Natural lighting :  This tends to create a natural-looking picture that feels contrasting with artificial light.