Prompt reference for "Lighting Effects"


Hello. I usually use "lighting/lighting effects" when generating images.

I will introduce some of the "words" I use when I want to add something.

Please note that these words alone do not provide 100% effectiveness, and the base model

The effect you get will differ depending on the LoRA sampling method and where you place it in the prompt.

Words related to "lighting effects"

Backlight :  Light from behind the subject

Colorful lighting :  The impression itself is not colored, but the color changes depending on the light.

moody lighting :  natural lighting, not direct artificial light

studio lighting :  A term used to describe the artificial lighting of a photography studio.

Directional Light :  directional light source is a light source that shines parallel rays in a selected direction.

Dramatic lighting :  Lighting techniques in the field of photography

Spot lighting :  A lighting technique that uses artificial light in a small area.

Cinematic lighting :  A single word that describes several lighting techniques used in movies.

Bounce Lighting :  Light reflected by a reflex plate, etc.

Practical Lighting :  Photographs and videos that depict the light source itself in the composition

Volumetric lighting :  A word derived from 3DCG. It tends to be a picture with a divine golden light source.

Dynamic lighting :  I don't really understand what it means, but it tends to create high-contrast images.

Warm lighting :  Creates a warm picture illuminated with warm colors

Cold lighting :  Lights with a cold light source.

High-key lighting :  Soft light, minimal shadows, low contrast, resulting in bright frames

Low-key lighting :  It provides high contrast, but the impression is a little weak.

Hard light :  Strong light. Highlights appear strong.

soft light :  A word that refers to faint light.

strobe lighting :  strong artificial light (stroboscopic lighting)

Ambient light :  An English word that refers to ambient lighting/indoor lighting.

flash lighting  :  For some reason, the characters themselves tend to emit light, and there are often flashes of light.

 (flash lighting photography) 

Natural lighting :  This tends to create a natural-looking picture that feels contrasting with artificial light.