Very bright scene, very bright backlight, solo, {beautiful and detailed eyes}, dazzling sunlight, calm expression, natural and soft light, hair blowing in the wind, delicate facial features, beautiful Russian girl, eye smile, small earrings, cutout under the breasts, masterpiece, top quality, realistic, 1girl,
 Long hair, detailed skin, pores, low key, Low saturation, 
huge natural breasts,
a protruding papilla,
Short curly hair, 
(Transparent White Silk Lace  underwear set:1.5), (tight Transparent Red Silk Lace sexy panties:1.5)
(cowboy shot:1.5)
,nude body.Big breasts, thin waist, hip-up,
(From the front:1.5)
mirror room, lighting
hairless pussy,Leonardo,

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