masterpiece, best quality, absurdres, 8K, super fine, best_lighting, Fairy-tale castle perched on a misty hilltop, (wonderland:1.6), (the medieval period:1.3), fantasy_world, princess, holy night, (cowboy_shot:1.4), (standing, various seductive posing:1.3), female_solo, 28 years old woman, (mature:1.4), beautiful woman,
elegant_prostitute, (seductive_smile:1.2), wavy_long_hair, (middle_breasts, sagging_boobs, showing boobs:1.4), 
(flight attendant uniform, A knee-length wool or synthetic blend skirt or trousers for durability and comfort, tailored to flatter or well-fitted with a slight flare, accessories like a silk scarf around the neck or tied stylishly, a belt, and polished leather shoes, carry a designer handbag or sleek cabin crew trolley:1.5), (zettai_ryoiki, luxury style, luxury fashion), (fur-trimmed, fluffy_cuffs:1.5), (knee high socks:1.2), (earings_with_fur:1.4), asian girl, 1girl, eungirl,
highQualityCGMIX_v1(masterpiece, best quality), 1girl, huge natural breasts, wide hips, crop top, lacey thighhighs, petite, glasses,high_school_girl,lacey lingerie,camel_toe, , , ,Lee Mayfeng,Rayearth, lisa

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