Photorealistic, Masterpiece, high resolution, high detail, ((3girls, sandwitch, surrounded by girls, view from top, oppai loli )), (fluttering hair, light pale skin, baby face), ((school uniform, ahegao)), ((backlit dim lighting, bed room)),not wearing underwear, (wide hips, narrow waist),perfect,realhands,aespakarina
8k, HQ, Best Quality, (Elegant Body to Body Ratio), 15-year-old beautiful Korean girl, perfect face, blush, juicy girl, black wavy long hair, Wearing a mini skirt, hip lift skirt, Blunt bangs, and hair blown by a gentle breeze,perfect female body, sexy buttocks, goddess, fantasy, dream, illusion, sexy, charming, attractive, (fear, crying, tears, pornography, charming), headwear, fatigue, sweating, naked, protruding, obscene, transparent lace, ah, Orgasm, open mouth, very happy, eyes rolled back, semen on tongue, messy, flesh shield, , size difference, height difference, person, constraint, large insertion, large penis, cum_ String, cum_ On_ Tongtong, testicles, pale skin, pale penis, extreme ejaculation, excessive Bukkake semen, immersion, deep throat,lisa

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