masterpiece, best quality, absurdres, 8K, super fine, best_lighting, Fairy-tale castle perched on a misty hilltop, (wonderland:1.6), (the medieval period:1.3), fantasy_world, princess, holy night, (cowboy_shot:1.4), (standing, various seductive posing:1.3), female_solo, 28 years old woman, (mature:1.4), beautiful woman,

(flight attendant uniform, A knee-length wool or synthetic blend skirt or trousers for durability and comfort, tailored to flatter or well-fitted with a slight flare, accessories like a silk scarf around the neck or tied stylishly, a belt, and polished leather shoes, carry a designer handbag or sleek cabin crew trolley:1.5), (zettai_ryoiki, luxury style, luxury fashion), (fur-trimmed, fluffy_cuffs:1.5), (knee high socks:1.2), (earings_with_fur:1.4), asian girl, 1girl, eungirl,

Cute Korean girl, robert mapplethorpe style, bright asian skinny, high quality skin texture rendering, curved body, masterpiece, nsfw, photograph of beautiful 22 year old naked girl, (small natural breasts: 0.7), masterpiece:1.2, highest quality), (realistic, photo_realistic:1.9), perfect legs spread exposing perfect slightly wet hairy pink pussy, doing ahegao at viewer, 8k, high resolution, hyperrealism, hyper realistic, BreastPit,MRRPSS,pussy,jennie,aerith gainsborough \(cosplay\),BreastPit,DildoQuiron anal, realhands

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