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How to enable "Mature Content" (N-SFW or R-18) and S*ensitive Word lists  ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ)

How to enable "Mature Content" (N-SFW or R-18) and S*ensitive Word lists ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ)

I believe the most important guideline for new users should be: How to enable "Mature Content" ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) Just kidding, alright, I just saw the new feature about article publishing and noticed that there are very few people here. So, I'll take the initiative to explain it ( ~'ω')~ How to enable "Mature Content": Go to settings, and the option to enable "Mature Content" should be the first button. Activate it and you're good to go, enjoy! (́◉◞౪◟◉‵) If you don't want N-SFW content to cause your social de/ath, I suggest enabling "Blur Mature Content." This way, all N-SFW content will be blurred. This button is located just below "Mature Content" and will only appear when you have enabled "Mature Content." Q: Why should I enable "Mature Content"? A: Besides some reasons you don't want to admit, it's because Tensor Art activated AI filtering for N-SFW content. Unfortunately, the AI filter they're using is not very stable yet, and many times it mistakenly identifies SFW images as N-SFW. If you haven't enabled "Mature Content," the misjudged images you post will be hidden from your account, even you won't be able to see your own pictures. From your perspective, you might think that the image you just posted was immediately deleted by Tensor Art. So, I'm also forced to enable "Mature Content." I'm doing this for academic purposes, definitely not for any reasons I don't want to admit. I'm pure, really! Please believe me! (◕ܫ◕) Q: Would it be harmful to my account if many of my posts were classified as N-SFW content? A: No, it wouldn't have any negative impact on your account. Your posts will simply not be visible to users who haven't enabled "Mature Content" or to unregistered individuals. It may also make you wonder if the AI is trolling you. --Updated on 23 May 2024, if you post child p*ornography related images, your account may be banned, please be aware. In addition, please be careful with ‘The Forbidden Fox’ (see ‘The Forbidden Fox’ incident below for more information). Q: How does Tensor Art's AI review my posts? A: I'm not an official representative, but based on my observations, Tensor Art's AI determines whether your post contains N-SFW content by analyzing the text prompt, rather than directly analyzing the image itself. Therefore, you may notice that Tensor Art's AI can detect N-SFW content within less than a second after posting (although its accuracy may...) (:3 」∠ ) Here are some prompts that I have observed, which might not resemble N-SFW content but could still be mistakenly identified as such (as of May 23, 2024, and may be updated from time to time): S*ensitive Word lists: b*reast, b*are, s*eductive, b*lood, unc*ensored,s*exy, ad⚠️ult , hard⚠️core --Updated on 23 May 2024, "The Forbidden Fox" incident Date of occurrence: May 22, 2024 Hazard Level: Post replacement Details: If your prompt contains certain specific words, including "ad⚠️ult" and "hard⚠️core," your post will be automatically banned by the AI filter. Images will be replaced with an illustration of a fox wearing a crown interacting with a safe, accompanied by the message "Websites Oops! Forbidden," as shown in the images below. The individuals affected by this fox image will not be aware that their pictures have been replaced. In their accounts, they will see their original images instead of the fox image. However, others will only see the fox image. The purpose behind the fox's interaction with the safe remains unknown, but it is evident that the victims' images have been replaced and taken without their knowledge. According to official sources, the appearance of this image is considered abnormal, and a team of hunters is being dispatched to eliminate the fox. The encounter between the hunters and the fox took place on ██th of ██, and the battle officially commenced. The battle lasted for ██ hours, with the hunters attempting to resolve the situation using the "UPDATE" method. However, the fox retaliated with a curse called "BUG." During this period, the "BUG" caused a disruption in the order of all users' posts, with over ██ posts hidden by the fox. Approximately ██ affected users were impacted, forcing the hunters to retreat. Later, the hunters regrouped and sought the assistance of a sage. They utilized a time reversal magic to restore the posts affected by the "BUG" back to normal. With the sage's cooperation, the hunters employed the "UPDATE" method once again and successfully executed the long-wicked fox. Currently, prompts such as "ad⚠️ult" and "hard⚠️core" will no longer result in post replacements, and the majority of previously stolen posts have been successfully recovered. As stated by official personnel, the affected images can be reported for restoration. If you discover that your pictures have been taken by this fox, please report it immediately through the official Discord bug report channel. The official Discord is located in the top right corner of the website, just to the left of your avatar. If you can't locate it, you can also click on this link. Q: Why does the AI filter often make mistakes? A: Perhaps Tensor Art's AI is still only ten years old, but she will grow up (I hope).