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Hi, Nuke here anything you imagine i create... Discord :- prateek2k my server link:- https://discord.gg/YqwCtWT9mR
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My Models list & need Suggestions in comment. Part - 2

My Models list & need Suggestions in comment. Part - 2

Hello all! 2ed - ☣NUKE ☣NUKE Models mainly based on people demand and request. ☣NUKE have all styles of models, enhancer and detailer too. if anyone request any style in future that model will upload with ☣NUKE. Model list :- ☣NUKE - PhotoRealism = https://tensor.art/models/662687551095681601 My one of best model i ever made. this model only need 25 steps and make amazing realistic images with details and I glad people love it. ☣NUKE - Semi-Realistic = https://tensor.art/models/662684763661880107 This model basically for detailed semi-Realistic images. V1 have some issues so i improved that and made V2. ☣NUKE - Disney Pixar Cartoon = https://tensor.art/models/662777277257529287 This was my first Disney style model. have many issues i tried to fix but SD1.5 is not good enough for make his V2. ☣NUKE - Perfect Anime Details = https://tensor.art/models/663438977099025152 As people demand i made perfect body and anime color lora. this lora is good for anime characters. ☣NUKE - Realistic Fantacy = https://tensor.art/models/666406043586181918 This model was Test like how people like Realistic + fantacy style but this kinda boring because one good checkpoint and lora can make it easily. ☣NUKE - Real Sci-fi = https://tensor.art/models/711223782506802179 This model making detailed Cinematic and Sci-fi style images. V1 had some issue which i fixed in V2. ☣NUKE - RealMix = https://tensor.art/models/705011516040072711 This model V1 was worth i did many mistakes in V1 but in V2 i improved it and glad people like it and its my one of best detailed realistic model. ☣NUKE - Realistic = https://tensor.art/models/670457593610683566 This model same as ☣NUKE - PhotoRealism but with better prompt understanding. ☣NUKE - RealisticMix = https://tensor.art/models/672847742911096880 This model same as RealMix but its have amazing understanding + its more detailed. and if you want try to make images with My PhotoRealism Enhancer and Perfect Real Photo lora. they together make amazing image :- ☣NUKE- Perfect Real Photo = https://tensor.art/models/672995640109825255 as you saw photo up there... This lora is mainly for enhance photography and make image like realistic but set width 5 to 8. this lora little sensitive start width 5. ☣NUKE - Disney Pixar Style SDXL = https://tensor.art/models/677504969223601395 This model is one of my best and most detailed one. mainly Disney style after SD1.5 disney model failed. i made it in SDXL with more and detailed dataset. i am very thankful people love it and still making amazing art. ☣NUKE - SDXL Art & Real Detailer + Enhancer = https://tensor.art/models/679365785279483346 This model mainly requested by artists who make amazing and very unique style with SDXL model. and i am very glad it working according to them. ☣NUKE - AniMix = https://tensor.art/models/682723887064160000 This model is Anime character maker and best work with lora. any kind of anime it make it. ☣NUKE - PhotoRealism V2 = https://tensor.art/models/682801217950248993 This model same as ☣NUKE - PhotoRealism but i am improved lot of things and make it for simple prompt user with detailed. ☣NUKE - Art DiffusionXL = https://tensor.art/models/684590930822489042 This model kinda combo of all styles 2.5D, realistic, comic or anime. but it have only one issue its need detailed prompt. better prompt better image. ☣NUKE - PhotoRealism Enhancer = https://tensor.art/models/703121077594962012 This lora mainly enhance realistic, skin, hair, environment or clothes. any checkpoint it always work amazing. ☣NUKE - Realistic Fusion = https://tensor.art/models/707622057292305356 This model is combination of Sci-fi, fantasy and Photography. amazing images with so real detailed. I am not gonna add pony models in this list... in last Part... i tell some my unique models
My Models list & need Suggestions in comment. Part - 1

My Models list & need Suggestions in comment. Part - 1

Hello all! I uploaded my models 3 different category 1st - ColorMax ColorMax models i made only for Comic, Cartoon and Anime art style. all my models with ColorMax Title have Different art styles. Models list :- ColorMax(SDXL) - https://tensor.art/models/628320743211433592 This model was my first SDXL model and have unique 2.5d + anime art style. that works better with detailed prompt. ColorMax Anime-Verse(SD1.5) - https://tensor.art/models/667900735154841978 This model was detailed semi-Anime + 2.5d style. i made 2 versions V1 was beta and v2 is full and highly detailed. but its take 25 or more steps for make proper image. i will start work on v3 soon. ColorMax Anime (Shiny) - https://tensor.art/models/660959423759510296 This was my First, best and most detailed anime model. i made it with 3gb+ anime images dataset. and i am so glad and Thankful for everyone love and got positive response. and Shiny i write because i made 2 models and 2ed one with dark style. ColorMax Anime (Dark) - https://tensor.art/models/667209700686802899 Same as ColorMax Anime (shiny)... this model i train with dark anime dataset but its have some issues. i was plan to make v2 but i decided to give other model priority first according to people demand. ColorMax Eye details - https://tensor.art/models/680228304906628453 After getting lots of people demand... i made Eye Detailer. i am Glad people love it. ColorMax AniAir - https://tensor.art/models/700620204037809468 This model For multi colorful anime arts... mostly Sci-fi, fantasy or any unique anime art can easily make this model. ColorMax Anime V2 - https://tensor.art/models/701391262336569195 After many people request and some little prompt issues in ColorMax Anime(shiny)... i decided to improve it and made V2 with highly detailed and low steps setting... that need only 20 steps for make image. ColorMax Neon lights and background - https://tensor.art/models/695080125722681685 This was my first lora made with TA Training and this mainly for neon style in 2.5d or anime images. ColorMax Toon Style - https://tensor.art/models/713960892150149766 My newest SD1.5 model. i made it very detailed and cartoon style. ColorMax Anime Shiny Detailer & Enhancer - https://tensor.art/models/715722275418201651 This is Detailer for SDXL ColorFul anime... I made with TA Training. I am not gonna add pony models in this list... To be continue... in part 2