Fenris ( Fenrisúlfr) , Fenrir or also old norse "Vánagandr" , the First son of Loki it is foretold that he will kill Odin in Ragnarok.....

This model was actually made for animals and creatures but with the further progress of the model it's also good as an general model for all sorts of generations.

  • it can handle a huge range of CFG from 1-30+ (see CFG Matrix in the Showcase)

  • needs no refiner because the base model was XL6 HEPHAISTOS

  • V14.50

    can go from low resolutions from 256x256 (512x512 recommended) to 1200x1200 and even higher but with no guarantee of consistency 😉 I had made tests with 1500x1000 and 800x1500 they are mostly runs fine and btw it has no fixed resolutions so have fun to experiments with different resolutions ;-)

Changelog / Versions details / Credits


First Released Model very outdated!


Merged in

XL6 - HEPHAISTOS and some loras

  • did get more training from images by the fenris (1.5) model (this time from 3.1 and 4.03)

  • overall a better look than 1.4 but still in an early stage (WIP)


  • 1 week more training (+100 Pictures)

  • merged in v1.1 XL6 - HEPHAISTOS

Overall the best Version so far.


  • pulled back because of a bug



  • added more training

  • better overall quality


  • +more training ( changed also a bit my training Method)

  • merged in small amounts of following models NewdawnXL, FurtasticXl

    Please Check them also out


    The best results I got from CFG 1 to 6 at 40 to 80 steps

    7-11 CFG 70 to 200 steps (for example 10CFG /100-150 steps)

  • or at 12-16 CFG (200-300 at 12) / 400 - 600 steps at 16 CFG

    (DPM++ SDE)

    V7.0 / V7.03

  • refined V5.5 also merged with models (6.xx) that never get released

    merged in XL13 Asmodeus

    I decided to split the model thats the reason for two V7.0 Versions


for creative artwork, anime , comic, drawings, and digital art


if you need more realistic outcomes.

Note: for 7.0/7.03 i recommend using the "FenrisXL VAE

for the next Versions i will bake this VAE in from the start!


  • added more training

  • merged in small amounts of XL6 - HEPHAISTOS V 3.3

  • trained in small amounts of ashrpg loras

  • more realistic, consistent and creative than V7.03

  • it can handle a huge range of CFG from 1-30+

  • Please Check out their amazing work


  • Merge between V8.01 and V7.00, V7.02 ,V5.01. , NewdawnV2.2

  • I also added a bit train difference from Yamers Perfect Design


  • Made for creative stuff (Digital Art, anime, and drawings)

i recommend using V9.22 for photorealistic Images.


  • Merged in some small parts of the Thalos Project,

    XL6 3.31

  • Some parts of Fenrisxl 8.09

    and lots of new Training Data!

    • better overall quality

  • a bit more creative than V8.01 but for art i recommend V8.09

    Version got deleted because it had a bug that let the model overbake sometimes and ruined the image sorry about that


Fixed V9.22

Recommended for Photorealism

V11.12 (Creative Photo)

  • Brings the design back from V8.01 (i also merged in back i huge amount of it back in)

  • added back the posibility for creative stuff did archieved that because i merged in a small amount of newdawnXL

  • merged also in Colossus Project XL v1.0

  • i also switched the merging method a bit thanks to Triple_Headed_Monkey

    there will be no creative artwork Version anymore because i still recommend using NewdawnXL or V8.09 for that

V12.8 (Photorealistic)

  • This Model is the upgrade of V10.03

    • More photorealistic

    • more training overall

    I recomment for Creative Photos V11.12

V14.5 Experimental Version

this is basically Newdawnxl with an fenrisxl picture output

  • more linguistic and intuitive

  • more creative

  • can go from low resolutions from 256x256 (512x512 recommended) to 1200x1200 but can go over this limit too but no guarantee for consistency anymore

  • it can do artworks again but i still recommend newdawnxl for that

There is also an ********** only version with an slightly alternative output and some small technical improvements over 14.50 I recommend this version to use online when you have an potato computer or you like generating images on the go



It been a while since the last update because it was pretty hard to improve FenrisXL

Merged in Gleipnir

and add lots of Extra Training:

  • Visual improvements

  • More versatile and an increased creativity include artworks and drawings but i recommend also looking into Newdawnxl

Even the results are good I'm always working on the model to make it even better in some way expect lots of updates, experimental stuff ,I'm very creative and have lots of ideas and like trying to break technical limits. That's the reason I'm never done with this model.

please give some feedback if you like ;-) to improve it even further

and if you like buy my buddy a beer that we will then drink together

!!!Use it at your own risk, you a responsible for your own creations!!!

PS: will report every sick photo that is posted here! (CP, brutal Gore, etc)

This disclaimer is not here without reasons. please have in mind this is like a virtual showroom and posting extreme stuff is like 💩 on my desk in real live 😉

made by Freek22

Base ModelSDXL 1.0
  • Download the model file

  • Use without crediting

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: None


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