Hajime Saitou from Hakuoki


  • Best to raise weight of certain clothing to be visible.

  • Some models may have a terrible time trying to generate things like hair over one eye or his jabot.

  • Activation is the character name -- V2 corrects that.

I've listed the prompts in each category below mostly in order of importance.


SUBJECT: Male focus, solo

VIEW: Portrait, upper body, cowboy shot, dutch angle, close-up, from behind, from side, profile, from below, from above, feet out of frame, full body, out of frame, dakimakura (medium)


Military: Military uniform, jabot <--(used as a substitute for tucked-in neck scarf), sash, gloves, boots, military jacket

Samurai: Japanese clothes, kimono, scarf, loose scarf, bandana, shinsengumi, haori, hakama skirt, shimenawa <--(braided rope sash), shouji, kote, single vambrace, single fingerless glove

Casual/Formal/Extra: Collared shirt, open collar, vest, pants, jacket removed, open kimono, off shoulder, topless male, sarashi, nipple, bare legs, barefoot, tabi (<-- socks), zouri (<-- sandals), high collar


Ready to draw, fighting stance, sword guard stance, blocking, pointing sword, straight-on, sitting, standing, facing viewer, hand up, hand on hilt, hand_on_hilt, arm up, holding, holding sword, unsheathed, sheathed, sheath, drawing sword, over shoulder, head back, from side, facing to the side, from behind, back, on back, lotus position, drinking, on side, sleepy, sleeping, lying, resting, head down, head rest, on bed, on stomach, head tilt, elbow rest, hand over face, hand on own head, hand in own hair, hand on own neck, neck grab, leaning forward, charging forward, against tree, hand on hip, outstretched arm, hands up, animal hug, own hands together, arm on knee, leg up, hand on own knee, knee up, crossed legs, balancing, leaning, sheet grab, adjusting clothes, arms up, arm above head, half-swording, floating, reaching, grabbing, midair, adjusting scarf, holding umbrella, holding cup, applying bandages, shaft look (<--head is tilted back and to the side)

EYE: Looking at viewer, closed eyes, looking back, looking ahead, looking down, looking up, looking away, looking to the side, eye shine, eye reflection, eye trail, sideways glance, glowing eyes, furrowed brow

MOUTH: Open mouth, parted lips, upper teeth, closed mouth, teeth hold, mouth hold, lower teeth only, breath

EMOTES: Expressionless, serious, annoyed, glaring, angry, smile, surprised, pray

HAIRSTYLE: Short hair <--(for his military outfit), hair over one eye, messy hair, long hair, floating hair

LIGHTING: Day, night, sunlight, dappled sunlight, backlighting, sidelighting, rim lighting, sunrise, sunset, sun, bloom, dark, purple theme, aura, glowing, contrast, high contrast, warmth, spot color

SCENERY: Indoors, outdoors, sky, cloud, rain, snow, petals, falling petals, cherry blossoms, nature, leaf, winter, spring, moon, full moon, cloudy sky, flower, camellia, hydrangea, building, sliding doors, window, tree, snowing, wooden floor, misty, messy room, forest

BACKGROUNDS: Simple background, white background, black background, pink background, gradient background, striped background, yellow background, floral background, blurry background

OBJECTS/EXTRA: Sword, weapon, Katana, scabbard, planted sword, glint (<-for type of reflection off sword), uchiko (<--clothball used to clean sword), wind, wet, collarbone, abs, bandages, blood, dirty, bottle, alchohol, sake, drink, food, chopsticks, tea, cup, sakazuki (<--saucer cup), pillow, bed sheet, blanket, bowl, rice, rice bowl, umbrella, cat, frog, snow bunny, shoujo, blurry, monochrome, greyscale, motion blur, sharp focus, particles, outline, bishounen, foreshortening, tatami, oil-paper umbrella, handheld game console, nintendo switch, tassel


Weapon focus

Out of frame




Short hair


Hair between eyes (when using one eye covered - if necessary)

Epaulettes (his uniform doesn't have those shoulderpads)

Gold (to help get rid of the gold eppaulettes that like to appear.)

Collared shirt (when generating the military uniform and jabot)

Long hair

Messy hair

Petals/falling petals/cherry blossoms

Simple background/white background/black background

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SD 1.5

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