01-03-2024 J

(((Mature man French)))
(((huge and pointed nose, nose deformed:1.5,big proportions)))
(((Cyrano de Bergerac,Play by Edmond Rostand elegant)))(((medieval castle interior big room in darkness, dressed 1700s age style, white lace and embroidery ,sword, wide-brimmed leather hat, feathers, haughty position, show off)))
(((at night,natural light from window)))
(((gold earrings,pearls white,sapphire)))
((( standing, messy hair styles,wearing  medieval outfit,1700's age style)))
(((hasselblad 70mm camera films)))
(((Ultra realistic, masterpiece, high resolution, best quality , photo realistic,full body shot))), 
cinematic moviemaker style,dripping paint,abstact

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