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<p><strong>General instruction: Use it. If your model is 2.5d or 3d-leaning(like mine) - please use negative 3d and realistic for more comic-like results.</strong></p><p>Seventh Lazy Style Lora.</p><p>Based on ~380 image dataset of specific style.</p><p>100% SFW.</p><p>Generally, this is not supposed to be used for anythin complex, because it was not tagged in a way to be, but this one is actually pretty editable and generalized. I tried new ways of promting to get more objects covered - seem like it worked, i had fun trying different stuff out.<br /><br />Retro cars are fucking banger if you ask me.</p><p><br />GPTS Lazy Styles will have a lot of bleed, lower than average editability, but i guess starting from this one it'll be decent :D</p><p>This one is pretty editable, and for models that are not 2D you could even increase weight to like 1.25 to get more comic more better(or negative 3d/realistic).</p><p></p><p>Lighter version might be available later.</p>

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SD 1.5
&lt;p&gt;Better generalization than older GPTS models.&lt;/p&gt;

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