Astro~Chibî 🌙




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I usually run this model at 22 generation steps and can get optimal results. (Remember after detailer and in-paint can help you archieve cleaner details).

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This is Astro~Chibî ~ 🌙

Recipe: ✨CookieCutter x AstroComix x ToonYou

Thanks to: Kybalico & Bradcatt for creating the AMAZING models used for this MIX~♥

Create kind of cute anime/toon chibi characters and colorfull enviroments without loosing any DETAILS 😁

This merge MIX focused on archieve Toon/Anime in a more Chibi Style, but keeping those details. Is really good for Storytelling and to create backgrounds and even food if you are experienced enough.

You dont need to use a VAE to get nice colors with this one 😎 (its baked lol) ~

Enjoy and share what you guys make with this ✨🍟✨

Recommended negative:

"(low quality, worst quality:1.2), asymetrical eyes, undetailed face, deformed outfit,"

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SD 1.5

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