8K、muste piece、Raw photo、highest quality、photorealistic、High definition CG unity 8k wallpaper、Depth of the bounds written、cinematic light、Lens flare、ray tracing、(very beautiful face、beautiful lips、beautiful eyes)、face with intricate details、((super detailed skin))1girlin、In the Dark、deep shadow、cute asian girl、1 girl、((cute droopy eyes:1.3))(Very slim and muscular body:1.3)、((look at the audience))、(A big smile:1.3)、clear eyes、walk、Photographed from the front、(pale skin)、(Big eyes)、turn one's face forward、(view audience:1.3) very slim、medium breasted、(((abstract printed dresses_long sleeve_wrap dresini dress:1.3)))(、neon、night、dim light、cityscape、blurred background、street、building、wood、(sparkling plaid skirt)、(high heels)、full body shot、 (open chest)、((Super long brown hair:1.2))、((Hair with loose waves inside:1.2)),((gold necklace_Large earrings:1.2)),((shy smile:1.3)),((It's running towards me._Let your long hair flow:1.3))

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