a female (Pin-striper:1.3) is sitting on a tool box (painting a pinstripe freehand on an old hotrod car), she's (painting a curvy detailed pin stripe) to a car, decoration, (she's creating fine intricate line work on car), ((she's a Freehand pin striper:1.5)), using a specialty brush known as a pinstriping brush). exterior parking lot with sports cars and 1950s USA hotrods,realistic photo, (30% of photo is black in drawing:1.4), (freehand curvy pinstripe boarders image:0.9), violet, blue, red, aqua (pinstripe on car:1.3) , she has thick dark-rimmed glasses on and is intensely looking at brush (early sunrise light:1.1), (Rembrandt lighting:0.9) ,(relaxed intimate photoshoot), beautiful face, (she wears dark jeans, white tshirt with sleeves rolled up, white socks and work boots,)slight smile, intense presence, (perfect brush grasp:1.4), cozy relaxed, catching us, beautiful hands, kind eyes, gorgeous soft warm lighting:1.4,, incredible details, ((high contrast)), (deep, darkest shadows), (shadow details:1.0), ((taken using Leica camera, aperture: f/2.3)) , hyper-realistic skin, pores, scar, mole, (she has dark hair in variety of styles, tidy), healthy skin,, her arms relaxed holding book, she sits on a tool box, relaxed moment, badass artsy chick, hip, she's in dark with natural light glow, (romantic light:1.2), radiant skin, perfectly framed face, perfect relaxed hands, perfect fingers, (perfect portrait, incredible eyes:1.1), a work of art, beautiful composition, golden ratio, Kenny Howard, Ed Roth, Dennis Gibbish, and Dean Jeffries, inspiring, (highest quality fabric texture), every detail,Fine facial features – (Highest Quality) ,Leica camera film, High quality ○○ detailed – ○○ details ultra detailed(Ultra-fine ), Photorealistic, Extremely detailed(Extremely detailed) , (highest detail image, lens flare, realistic)○○ res – ○○ resolution ultra high res(A high resolution),playful relaxed photos

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