(Best quality, Ultra detailed, Golden ratio, Masterpiece:1.2), Theatrical lighting:0.7, Photo of a woman, dressed in a very elegant and pretty dress, Perfect rare face, (Highly detailed skin), randomly dyed hair, Hide your mouth with your hands、Ridicule, skin texture, Pale skin, shiny skin, (thin, large size:1.2), [:(Sharp focus on rare face, perfect eyes:1.2):0.2], photorealistic, film grain, Put one foot forward、from below looking up、look at camera、Emphasize the shoulders, Focus on face、Stockings、glasses、Smile with corners of mouth raised、disdainful expression, summer haze, muted colors, muted warm colors, Photo cinematic portrait of a woman dressed in a striped dress sitting by the window in the early morning, cinematic, (tilted:1.3) (on an old train) look cautious, standing under a spotlight, volumetric dust clouds, key light, backlight, soft natural lighting, photography Film grain ISO 400 30 mm lens RAW f1.8 aperture, highly detailed (analog photography:1), colors hdr

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