Subject: Earth, Moon, and Sun in a syzygy, aligned amidst the vast cosmos, with a solar eclipse casting a sharp shadow on Earth.Style: Photorealism fused with gothic sci-fi and Baroque, drawing inspiration from Beksinski and Caravaggio. This approach emphasizes the ethereal vastness around the alignment, adorned with fractal patterns and cosmic colors.Details: Earth foregrounded as a delicate blue marble, shadowed subtly to highlight continents and oceans. The Moon, centered, casts a dark umbra on Earth, depicting the path of totality. The Sun, in radiant oranges and yellows, forms a stunning corona effect around the Moon.Composition: The celestial bodies are aligned against a backdrop of space, enriched with Beksinski-like surrealism and Caravaggio-inspired chiaroscuro, enhancing the scene's dramatic and mysterious quality.Render: 8K UHD, HDR, focusing on depth and clarity. The detailed rendering showcases the syzygy's precision, contrasted against the gothic and Baroque influences ,black theme, dark, night mode

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