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2D, monster, creepy,,  (style of Skottie Young:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Grunge clothing, Meadow,autumn, \Mayuri (Steins;Gate)\
  • 2D, monster, creepy,,  (style of Skottie Young:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Grunge clothing, Meadow,autumn, \Mayuri (Steins;Gate)\
  • anime, 2D, 1 girl, (hand on mouth), (baby face, pale color freckles:1.03), (skinny, sweaty), (shiny skin , detailed skin , gleaming skin), (white hair, flying hair), (crying, tear, blue eyes, eyelash:1.05), ((white shirt)), (high resolution , RAW photo , photorealistic , deep shadows , Wind-effect:1.6 , shading ), (white flowers, white flower field, looking at viewer:1.3), ultra realistic,32k,RAW photo,(high detailed skin:1.2), 8k uhd, dslr, soft lighting, high quality, film grain, film grain, film overlay,
  • (art), (2D), horror style,  (style of David C. Driskell:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Fustanella, The French Countryside,Hazy conditions, angela trimbur
  • art,  (style of Seb McKinnon:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Maternity wear, Home office,Snowing, The Mad Hatter
  • 2D, "Draw a character from the Pathfinder Bestiary with a transparent background. The drawing must be full-body to be printable and usable as a game token. This time, I want you to depict an orc from the Bestiary, but not a common one; I want one that exudes uniqueness and ferocity. Imagine a towering orc with moss-green skin that seems to merge with the surrounding nature. His muscles are well-defined and covered in fiery red tribal tattoos. He wears dark plate armor adorned with bones from defeated creatures and leather, giving him an intimidating appearance. His face is decorated with battle scars, and a dragon's fang hangs from a chain around his neck. In his hand, he wields a gigantic war axe, with a blade that seems to have a life of its own, surrounded by an aura of wild energy. Behind him, the landscape is a shadowy forest, with twisted trees and mysterious lights flickering among the branches."
  • (Silhouetted against a hellish sky of fire and brimstone:1.4), (death wearing long tattered shredded robes stands upon the tilted deck of a ruined ship:1.7), (tattered robes and bandages whip about Death's skeletal form in the scorching winds:1.5), gazing out impassively across a midnight sea scattered with broken hulls and lost souls, distant screams and unearthly howls echo from the rocky shores, ephemeral shapes flit through the murky waters, searching, ever searching for a shore they will never reach, Death pays no heed to their plight, continuing his endless vigil at the helm, guide and guardian to all who find themselves crossing into his domain, shepherding them unto their cursed voyage through lands unknown, presiding eternally in this malignant corner of the underworld where no living tread, surrounded only by darkness, decay, and the anguished cries of the damned, (fantasy:1.7), (surreal:1.7), 32K, 8K, 4K, UHD, HDR, cinematic, cinematic image, intricate details, luxurious atmosphere, ultra-detailed, stunning image, IMAX, cinematic, intricate, high resolution, meticulous, cinematic composition, cinematic color grade, cinematic lighting, low aperture (f1.4), 70mm,
  • hellhound, black fur, flame eyes, monster girl, full body, Original Character, Volumetric Lighting, Best Shadows, Shallow Depth of Field, Stunningly Beautiful Girl, Delicate Beautiful Attractive Face
  • (art), (2D), horror style,  (style of John Martin:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Cortavientos, Mangrove,Spring, lacey chabert
  • creepy,  (style of Olly Moss:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Emo clothing, The Black Gate of Mordor,Foggy conditions, \Hana (Prison School)\
  • orc holding sword
  • anime, 2D,, (ultra realistic,32k,RAW photo,high detailed skin:1.1) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Skirts, classroom,Clear skies, V for Vendetta
  • Monster girl with long pointed ears growls baring her sharp teeth, Pixar style
  • 2D, monster, creepy,,  (style of Kazuya Takahashi:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Flare jeans, Brighton,at Blue hour, rochelle aytes
  • art, (ultra realistic,32k,RAW photo,high detailed skin:1.1) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Denim shorts and graphic t-shirt, Seoul,Sunny, \Nobara (jujutsu kaisen)\
  • 2D, monster, creepy,  (style of Austin Osman Spare:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
1980s neon clothing, Night city cyberpunk,at Dawn, God
  • Lobo, DC universe, rabid aggression:3, fighting an enemy:2, bright glowing energy (red), sinister, cinematic photo, 32k, highly detailed, uhd, hdr, stunning image, intricate details, action background, ultra-realism, detailed, 32k, trending, stunning image, cinematic film, IMAX, cinematic composition, intricate details, HDR, UHD, dramatic lighting (red and cyan)
  • monster, scary, zombie, blood, bone, dead, gore, sunken eyes, awful, hard-to-find, jar Binks, high quality cinematic CGI, masterpiece, extremely detailed, finely detailed, raw photo, best quality, realistic, photo-realistic, 8k, hdr
  • anime, 2D, masterpiece, ultra realistic,32k,extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper, best quality, (1 girl soaking in the water, crying, blood on the face:1.3), (breasts, cleavage:1.25), (100 skulls:1.55), white hair, (blood, Thailand clothing:1.5), (horror:1.5), (vines), blue underflow, midnight, dark, (giant full blood moon:1.5), BREAK ((glowing eyes)), purple eyes, (((silhouette))), blue glow, ((fog:1.2)), ((raining)), shadow beast,
  • Girl in a hat, with vampiric features, exuding a mysterious aura that resembles that of a deity. His long hair is blue, and his deep blue eyes reflect authority. He wears a long coat that drapes over a snug vest, accentuating his figure. A black scarf adorns his neck, and dark gloves cover his hands. Long black thigh-high boots complement his dark pants. Atop his head sits a large blue hat adorned with feathers. Collectively, the image captures his enigmatic and theatrical presence.,sitting moon, 2D
  • zombie man connected to cyberspace, wires, cables, tubes, complex, surreal, futuristic, three fourth perspective, high tech, line art, (flat colors), masterpiece, high quality, 8k, best quality,
  • 2D, monster, creepy,,  (style of Hugo Pratt:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Pajamas, Cape Town, South Africa,Summer, Carrie Underwood
  • 2D, monster, creepy,  (style of Frank Bowling:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Wrap top, Edinburgh,Snowy, \Futaba (Persona 5)\
  • (art), (2D), horror style,  (style of Hiroshi Nagai:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Rockabilly clothing, The Caribbean Sea,at Midday, Emmanuelle Béart
  • (masterpiece), (best quality), (ultra-detailed), (highly detailed CG illustration), ((an extremely delicate and beautiful)),(cute delicate face),cinematic light,(1mechanical girl),solo, full body,(machine made joints:1.4),((mechanical vertebra attaching to back)),((mechanical cervical attaching to neck)),((sitting)),expressionless,(wires and cables attaching to head and body:1.5)
  • (art), (2D), horror style,  (style of Ian McQue:1.3) 
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5),
Bootcut jeans, The Joshua Tree Forest,at Nighttime, debra messing

My model focuses on monsters, madness and horror, try to create something unimaginable, it’s really not good for creating female characters, only create things that are scary and crazy, (for example: monsters, vampires, Orcs, …)

Negative prompt:

(worst quality, low quality, normal quality, bad quality:1.1), lowres, (extra fingers, missing fingers:1.2), (poorly rendered hands:1.2), (mutation:1.1), deformed iris, deformed pupils, asymmetric, watermark, missing arms, missing hands, Blurry, hands, bad quality, grainy, noisy, plastic, hazy, low contrast, MSPAINT, hat, lowres, (bad anatomy, bad hands:1.1), text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name, weird colors, (bad art, poorly drawn, close up, blurry:1.5), (disfigured, deformed, extra limbs:1.5)

Steps: 40, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 10

Base ModelSDXL 1.0

My model focuses on monsters, madness and horror, try to create something unimaginable, it’s really not good for creating female characters, only create things that are scary and crazy, (for example: monsters, vampires, Orcs... NOT GOOD FOR GIRL REALISTIC )

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