An abstract entity in space, surrounded by millions of stars, challenging perceptions with its hideous form.Style: Grotesque surrealism meets abstract art, inspired by gothic sci-fi's chaos and darkness.Details: This entity emerges from space's void, a form that defies traditional aesthetics, adorned with unsettling patterns and textures. Around it, millions of stars sparkle, adding a complex layer of beauty and immensity.Composition: Centered in an infinite cosmic landscape, the entity stands in stark contrast to the surrounding beauty of space, highlighted by nebulae and a vast field of stars. This juxtaposition emphasizes its isolation and the profound impact of its presence.Render: 8K UHD, HDR, capturing the essence of something disturbing yet compelling. The scene includes Depth of Field, Action Scene, Natural Lighting, Centered-shot, 22 Megapixels, Shot on IMAX 70mm, Detailed, Elegant, Perfection, Shimmering, Perspective, and high resolution, enhancing the vastness and details

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