Silica (SAO)

((best quality)),  ((highly detailed)),  masterpiece,  ((official art)), (kirito_ggo, long hair, hair_between_eyes, black hair, black eyes,),1girl,(cowboy shot:1.1),(Gothic_castle_background:1.4), large breast, (gothic outfit:1.3),(black dress:1.3), (puffy sleeves:1.3),(lips:1.3),(black lips:1.5),(lipstick:1.2),(Vintage_lace_dress:1.5),(Satin_gloves:1.3),(Elegant_ballroom_background:1.4) ,(intricately detailed, hyperdetailed), blurry background,depth of field, best quality, masterpiece, intricate details, tonemapping, sharp focus, hyper detailed, trending on Artstation,1 girl, high res, official art, diffused soft lighting, shallow depth of field, sharp focus, cinematic lighting, masterpiece, 8k, high resolution image, highly detailed eyes, masterpiece, best quality, (colorful),(finely detailed beautiful eyes and detailed face),cinematic lighting, bust shot, extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper, solo, ligh,Silica_SAO,edgGesugao

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