Silica (SAO)

((best quality)),  ((highly detailed)),  masterpiece,  ((official art)), (kirito_ggo, long hair, hair_between_eyes, black hair),  ultra-detailed,1girl, night, dress, breasts, clothing cutout, solo, cleavage cutout, standing, cleavage, smile, fire,, looking at viewer,  feather boa, sleeveless, bare shoulders, covered navel, jewelry, earrings, pantyhose, gloves, large breasts, red dress, chinese clothes,  black legwear,polearm, brown legwear, off shoulder, pelvic curtain, fur collar, long breasts,, parted lips, long sleeves, side slit, lips, evil smile, evil girl,crazy,dynamic poseeyes,edgGesugao,Silica_SAO

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