Silica (SAO)

((best quality)),  ((highly detailed)),  masterpiece,  ((official art)), (kirito_ggo, long hair, hair_between_eyes, black hair),(lips:1.1),(evil girl:1.1), (spiked collar:1.2),(pelvic_curtain dress),wearing a pelvic_curtain dress, multiple straps around the waist, (narrow waist:1.3),evil eyes ,(smoke:1.2),(hoop earrings:1.2), solo, bracelet, jewelry, cleavage, smoking, cigarette, (strapless), long breast, red eyes, city background, black nail, ring, side slit, pencil skirt, fingernails, black dress,(revealing clothes:1.2), elbow gloves,(tattoo:1.2),(intricately detailed, hyperdetailed), blurry background,depth of field, best quality, masterpiece, intricate details, tonemapping, sharp focus, hyper detailed, trending on Artstation,1 girl, high res,facing viewer, official art,Silica_SAO,edgGesugao

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