In the first half of the 2000s I had quite a reputation as a graphic designer, my personal website received thousands of hits and I produced a fair amount of artworks that now lie in my hard drives. What better idea than to feed them to the AI? Let me introduce the Trendy Art Maker, a versatile LoRA which allows generating three different graphic styles, it features SFW and NSFW capabilities and can also be used as a complement to other models, partially influencing the final outcome.

The graphic styles it produces are: Frutiger, Grunge and Trendwhore, which were popular between 2000 and 2006 approximately and can be combined if desired (refer to the example images). The LoRA comes in two different flavors (v1A & v1B), both of which reproduce the same 3 styles but with different results. I tagged everything I could turn into a variable, so here's a list of keywords the LoRA recognizes, broken down by category and followed by an example prompt showing an effective way to use them:

Image Type: abstract, illustration, 2004 aesthetics, minimalistic, trendy, mixed media, vector art, vintage.

Image Style (Trigger Words): artint, frutiger style, grunge style, trendwhore style.

Image colors: oversaturated, muted colors, colorful, blue theme (change to your liking).

Subject: 1girl, 1boy, motor vehicle, food, banana, toy truck, tractor-trailer truck, vw beetle, text, no humans (or anything else).

Focus: female focus, male focus, food focus, text focus, vehicle focus, etc.

Accessory elements: vector shapes, heart \(symbol\), x \(symbol\), arrow \(symbol\), clouds, gradient background, palm trees, swirls, world map, circles.

Lighting Options: light rays, glow, spark (Trendwhore).

Text Options (mostly inaccurate): English/Japanese text, text block, the text "YOUR TEXT", no text.

Rating: NSFW, SFW.

NSFW Options: breasts, medium breasts, large breasts, huge breasts, nipples, topless, pornstar.

Example Prompt:

(An amazing and captivating abstract illustration:1.4), toy truck, veichle focus, motor vehicle, no humans, (grunge style:1.1), (frutiger style:1.3), (colorful:1.3), (2004 aesthetics:1.2). BREAK (beautiful vector shapes:1.3), clouds, palm trees, circles, (no text:1.4), swirls, heart \(symbol\), (gradient background:1.3). BREAK highest quality, sharp details, oversaturated, detailed and intricate, original artwork, trendy, vintage, award-winning, artint, SFW

Negative Prompt (default): EasyNegative, blurred, amateurish, disharmonious, ugly, unpleasant, inaccurate, uninteresting, inconsistencies

Preferred Weight: 0.8 - 1.0

Preferred Checkpoints (tested): Stoked Tensor XL, DucHaiten-AIart-SDXL, ☣NUKE - Art DiffusionXL, Memes XL Turbo, Proteus 0.4

Preferred Sampling Method: DPM++ 2S a Karras, DPM++ 2S a

Preferred Upscaler: 4x-AnimeSharp, R-ESRGAN 4x+, 4x-UltraSharp

Works Well With: ☣NUKE - SDXL Art & Real Detailer + Enhancer, Art Booster XL, cut-mix-pastel-XL (W: 0.7)

VAE: Automatic

Happy generation! 🎨🖌️

Version Detail

Trained by Tensor
SDXL 1.0
This LoRA comes in two different flavors (A & B), both of which reproduce the same 3 styles but with different results. Please read description for more details!

Project Permissions

    Use Permissions

  • Use without crediting me

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

    Commercial Use

  • Sell generated images

  • Use on generation services

  • Sell this model or merges


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