Mei Terumi Naruto Shippuden|Pony XL




(First of all, I want to clarify that this Lora was trained with the Ponydiffusion V6 model as a base,therefore therefore it may present some errors if you do not use the Ponydiffusion V6 model or models based on it)

Some examples of models based on Pony Diffusion V6 are: AutismMix SDXL,Hassaku XL, Comradeship XL, Fantasy Blend XL,and any other model as long as it is based on Ponydiffusion

Trigger Word: Mei Terumi

Other tags:Mei Terumi,brown hair,long hair,hair over one eye,green eyes,lipstick,blue dress,bare shoulders,nail polish,belt,black skirt,fishnet pantyhose,sandals

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SDXL 1.0

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