Hollow Man Product Photography [SDXL]




The lora works best with hoodies in all variations.

Hollow Man product photography is seen as one of the new trends in the field of fashion photography. The photography of goods and their subsequent display in online shops are nowadays essential for sales and can significantly increase them through perfect presentation of the product. Besides classic photography and photography on a model, the Hollow Man variation is gaining popularity because it gives textile products a surprisingly three-dimensional impression, focusing entirely on the product.

The secret lies in the special photography and image editing. In the Hollow Man technique, the product appears as if an invisible person is wearing it, making it look realistic and multidimensional, showing the interior view as well. There are various methods: special mannequins, which are already cut out on the inside so that the inner part and the collar are not covered, can avoid the need for editing. Both glass and wire mannequins can be used for this purpose.

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SDXL 1.0

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