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Hello welcome!

Here I leave a small introduction of the LoRA:

The idea of ​​making this duo was not to create things similar to body horror. For the psychedelic art I played with the pastiness of the skin, you know, melted faces and other things like that.


Abstract backgrounds, pastel scale colors and various poses that resemble that... emmm 7o7)/ "drugs?".

But. That does not mean that it will break easily, on the contrary it is very difficult to generate broken art without "good" triggers, the easiest to use is the abstract background and the colored one if you do not use a separate style.

It's not that difficult to generate something psychedelic either, just use things like animals, humans, skulls and that's it, no one knows what will come out of that mix but something must come out, just play with the strength of the lora. see you tomorrow ~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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SD 1.5

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