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solo, 1boy, upper_body, male_focus, glowing, halo, robot, smoke, science_fiction, realistic, cyberpunk, humanoid_robot
  • solo, 1boy, upper_body, male_focus, glowing, halo, robot, smoke, science_fiction, realistic, cyberpunk, humanoid_robot
  • Post-apocalyptic wasteland, salvaged artifacts repurposed into art installations, survivors creating beauty amid desolation. , cinematic movie by Hayao Miyazaki , Roger Deakins
  • still frame of action movie, superb dreamlike luxury stunning oiran tattooed girl special forces using a rifle in a fight scene , cinematic movie by Sam Raimi , Wally Pfister
  • Overgrown botanical garden, mutated flora intertwined with skeletal remains, a lone figure seeking a cure. , cinematic movie by Park Chan-wook , Robert Richardson
  • A stylish cityscape:1.2 with fashion-forward individuals wearing designer eyewear, a testament to the role eyeglasses play in elevating one's personal style in the urban landscape.
  • solo, looking at viewer, skirt, simple background, brown hair, shirt, long sleeves, 1boy, white background, holding, animal ears, jewelry, standing, tail, full body, yellow eyes, male focus, multicolored hair, earrings, food, glasses, collared shirt, artist name, cat ears, black skirt, bag, sweater, streaked hair, animal ear fluff, hands up, piercing, floral print, slit pupils, ear piercing, furry, colored sclera, long skirt, yellow shirt, holding bag, furry male, body fur, brown sweater, yellow sclera, yellow sweater, brown fur, paper bag, black fur
  • Iconic square frames reminiscent of the 1960s mod fashion scene, updated with bold, contrasting color blocks that exude a lively, pop culture vibe:1.4.
  • Deranged scientist's laboratory, bubbling vials and erratic machinery, test subjects bearing the weight of their alternate selves. , cinematic movie by Terry Gilliam , John Seale
  • a man in a yellow suit standing in a field of flowers , a large room with a lot of red chairs

0.9 changelog:

  • more graphic (added 4 trained loRAs)

  • finetuned on best results of 0.75

0.75 changelog:

  • more sci-fi

  • more cyberpunk

  • more cinematic

Introducing SDXL HK 0.9, the versatile amalgamation of cutting-edge advancements! This iteration pushes the boundaries of realism and sci-fi, evolving into a powerhouse of innovation. What's new in this version?

Enhanced Graphics: We've amplified the visual experience by incorporating seven meticulously trained LoRAs, enriching the model's graphic capabilities to create more immersive content.

Fine-tuning: Building on the success of the previous version (0.75)

What set apart SDXL HK 0.75?

Sci-Fi Infusion: Infusing more elements of science fiction, the model transcends traditional boundaries, weaving intricate and compelling narratives into its creations.

Cyberpunk Vibe: Embracing the essence of cyberpunk, this version delivers a futuristic, edgy feel, opening doors to a plethora of creative possibilities.

Cinematic: Elevating the cinematic experience, the model crafts visuals that resonate with cinematic grandeur, bringing stories to life in an immersive manner.

Merged Model: SDXL HK 0.75 was built on a model by Afroman4peace. Merges base, refiner, some LorRAs, and the model by Afroman4peace. Additionally, it underwent a second merge with two finely-tuned LoRA models specialized in photographic content.

Maintaining Consistency: The primary goal behind this model's creation is to uphold a consistent quality standard alongside my LoRA models, ensuring coherence and reliability across various creative endeavors.

Base ModelSDXL 1.0
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