Made To:

Swallow the world in darkness... then relight it in neon. Even the ancient ruins.

Made from a mix of character-focused cyberpunk imagery with a bit of ancient Mayan / Aztec kinda feel, and images made using Arcane Ruins to give a sprawling ancient D&D dungeon feel with cyberpunk elements mixed with a bit of Beksinski-inspired darkness.

It does:

  • Surface landscapes of sprawling dystopian mega-cities filled with arcade-like elements

  • Surface landscapes focusing on pyramids and ancient ruins with a distinct cyberpunk look and feel

  • Cyberpunky dungeons with glowy vaporwave plant tendrils growing through the cracks of concrete labyrinths, mazes of endless pipework and industrial features, etc.

  • Individual characters in high detail

  • Groups of characters in moderately high detail

  • Combining all of the above to make gangs of cyberpunks traverse sprawling landscapes, which gives a very concept art look and feel

  • Various individual character classes each with their own unique style
    (netrunner, enforcer, shaman, oni, courier)

  • Nudity - Many, many nudity. If you're trying to place this on the dystopian scale, think less post-apocalyptic hellscape, and more Brave New World.

Version Detail

SDXL 1.0

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  • Use without crediting me

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    Commercial Use

  • Sell generated images

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