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I had fun working on this, I didn't know if it was going to work at all. Here are the Saibaimen and some other friends (recolors). I'm a huge fan of the Famicon/Super Famicon RPGs which have all these recolors as enemies.

I have a kofi if you want to support my work, from now on I'll be doing some early access to WIP LoRAs but at the end of the day, everything I do will be always free. I also take commissions, so if you are interested on a training, check that out or message me through discord. I keep a Pixiv where I upload pics from testing and tease the things I'm working on! Or go to my wife's Pixiv (or DA), she has sexy pics of my LoRAs and WIPs.

About the LoRA, their appearances are:

saibaimen, alien, green torso, light green skin,pink sclera,black eyes, white claws
saibaimen, alien, blue torso, light blue skin,light blue sclera,black eyes, white claws
saibaimen, alien, light brown torso, yellow skin, pink sclera,black eyes, white claws
saibaimen, alien, black torso, black skin, yellow sclera,black eyes, white claws
saibaimen, alien, steel blue torso, pink skin, yellow sclera,black eyes, yellow claws
saibaimen, alien, grey torso, light grey skin, light blue sclera,black eyes, white claws

A couple of details, the AI doesn't get that the pupils are dots, so it makes many a lot of the time, so use inpaint or an editing program for those. The sides of the head sometimes don't go under the jaw and look like sidelocks. And the claws have same problem as fingers, sometimes are 2, sometimes 1, others 4, etc. Use seed variation to get the right number.

That's it! Leave reviews, funny pictures, etc. They really help to stay motivated.

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<p>Initial version.</p>

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