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This week on my quest of doing the DB males in quasi order of appearance is Nappa's turn.

I have a kofi if you want to support my work, from now on I'll be doing some early access to WIP LoRAs but at the end of the day, everything I do will be always free. I also take commissions, so if you are interested on a training, check that out or message me through discord. I keep a Pixiv where I upload pics from testing and tease the things I'm working on! Or go to my wife's Pixiv (or DA), she has sexy pics of my LoRAs and WIPs.

About the LoRA, his appearance is:

napa, 1boy, bald, black eyes, mustache

He can have hair, but not the specific one where he was younger, I could either do that version in the future or update this one eventually. The tail can be monkey tail or tail around waist. As always, I'll leave examples in the gallery, I didn't inpaint or adetailer anything, so there's always room for improvement. SD really struggles with the tiny pupils, so my suggestions are:

  1. Use seed variation until you see some black on the eyes.

  2. Draw some dots yourself on any image editing program. You can inpaint that for better outcome.

  3. Use hires with denoise at least 0.5.

Personally, I used a combination of 1 and 3.

The outfit has two colors:

dark blue saiyan armor, dark blue vambraces, dark blue boots, faulds, black briefs, tail around waist
black saiyan armor, black vambraces, black boots, faulds, black briefs, tail around waist

He can also be topless male but make sure of having saiyan armor in the negative so the briefs don't look weird.

That's it! Leave reviews, funny pictures, etc. They really help to stay motivated.

Version Detail

SD 1.5
<p>Initial version</p>

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