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On this new project, I'll be leaving backgrounds for iconic places of the Dragon Ball universe. I decided to start with Namek, which is a Star Wars style planet where all the planet is one big environment. I have the will, but I don't know if the time, to make more of these, as this one came out nice, so I'm making one big post for them instead of individual ones.

I have a kofi if you want to support my work. I also take commissions, so if you are interested on a training, check that out. I also have a Pixiv where I upload pics from testing and tease the things I'm working on! Or go to my wife's Pixiv she has sexy pics of my LoRAs and WIPs.


This is very different to my previous backgrounds, and it can be broken in two so far:

  • The Snake Way: snakeway, pink sky, road, yellow cloud

  • King Kai's Planet: kai planet, pink sky, grass, tree, flowers

The planet can or cannot have the yellow cloud and there's some training for the house, but I have to revisit that in the future, the AI probably thinks is a pokemon or something else. Some models struggle with the fact of having clouds as ground basically so use negatives accordingly.


I tried to get it so you can choose color, but it works half the time I don't know why, but you do it with white ground or brown ground. There's a cattail flower that also doesn't come every time, is rare. And I train some of the dinosaur as tyrannosaurus rex. We also have blue sky, red sky, sunset and night. Otherwise very similar to Namek, so look at the examples and have fun!


Ok, so basically, this replaces some regular Earth backgrounds. I'll leave examples but the main tags are: namek, green sky, blue grass. That should get you started with a basic Namekian landscape, then we have some accesories, some don't work all the time but if I can procure more pictures for my dataset I might get them better:

  • tree- Makes the typical balloon looking trees.

  • hill- Attempts to make a small slope of land.

  • plateau- I'm not certain it works, but my intention was to make those pillars of ground that Dragon Ball always has (which is not a hill or a mountain, watch DBZA so you know the difference), but as it is not a booru tag, I'd say it working might be placebo effect.

  • mountain- Makes a bigger slope than hill or mountains in the background.

  • ocean, river, island- Self explanatory.

  • building- Doesn't work all the time, but it makes a house or similar building.

  • village- It tries to make a settlement, but is also not a good booru tag so use weights.

All the basics, the sky, the grass and the water might still come up as normal colors sometimes, so use Seed Variation or weights to make it work, I didn't want to burn them more so the style would keep being as generic as possible. I experimented combining with character LoRAs (see examples), they work but give a bit of style and also fight with the colors for the environment, but you can get decent generations.

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