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I'm releasing this as a beta because people were expecting it but I'm going to update in the future as there's things that need improvement. For some reason NAI struggles to make consistent antennae (I believe it gets confused with the antennae that goes over his head on side views) and that made difficult to keep everything looking right.

I have a kofi if you want to support my work. I also take commissions, so if you are interested on a training, check that out. I also have a Pixiv where I upload pics from testing and tease the things I'm working on! Or visit my wife's DA where she has sexy pics of my LoRAs.

His appearance is piccolo, bald, green skin, pointy ears, black eyes, oni horns, pink patches Yes, I replaced the antennae tag for oni horns in the meantime because they tend to be two, be on the forehead and are symmetric, otherwise it ends up with a lot and the face overall is a mess. They can be inpainted the last time I tried at least, so is better to be missing one than have to remove 4. Also, he can have his manga/super heroyellow patches. The source is mostly old, so I recommend using hires with 0.3-0.5 denoise depending on the model.

Is intended for use in weight 1 but play with the value if you are getting too many antennae or is overfitting too much.

The outfits available are:

  • The classic white cape one: white cape, white turban, purple dougi, purple pants, blue sash

  • The fighting one: purple dougi, purple pants, blue sash

  • The driving episode one: yellow t-shirt, purple sleeves, blue baseball cap, backwards hat, jeans

I might add Orange Piccolo with the hope of it helping the antennae situation or if there's demand.

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SD 1.5

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