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Someone told me the existing Bulma model wasn't up to par and I took that personally, so I made this one with pictures of her from classic Dragon Ball to the Namek arc, so, get your milf Bulmas here.

Leave some sexy pictures on the reviews please!!

The model has fair knowledge of her outfits and hair styles, they can be gotten with the right prompts so I'll leave examples on each picture of the gallery. I recommend 0.6-0.8 strength. 1 tends to deform the face. You can get closer to Toriyama faces on the Anythings models or merges, although I might update with a tag to get them easier.

I'll probably keep making more characters and other kinds of LoRAs, if you want to support me, you can go to my wife's DA where she has a subscription and is the same as me having a kofi or similar.

Version Detail

SD 1.5
<p>12 epoch with ~100 pictures, 6-10 repetitions each</p>

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