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  • cute japanese woman, office woman, cute face, bob hair, forehead, soft red lips, light smile, upper body, sleeveless orange shirt, mini skirt, pleated skirt, natural lighting
  • 19 years old cute woman, bob hair, (black glasses), upper body, light smile, (orange colored tank top:1.2), cleavage, (pastel pink background)
  • 19 years old cute woman, bob hair, (black glasses), upper body, light smile, (orange colored tank top:1.2), cleavage, (pastel pink background), centered
  • woman, a face that gradually disappeared from sight, abstract painting with straight lines and dots drop water, combination of glass texture with sand and paint splash, super bright light on background
  • woman, short length wavy brown hair, large breasts, looking at viewer,  smile, wearing white apron, inside bread bakery shop, (warm lighting, high key:1.2)
  • javanese woman, cute face, soft pink lips, medium ginger hair, upper body, light smile, (yellow flower garden), petals, bokeh
  • europan woman, short hair, blonde, (make-up), sport bra, (upper body), standing in front of wall filled with abstract geometric shapes in graffiti, street art,  stylish
  • 21 years old russian woman,  lips, short wavy ginger hair, orange tank top, (large breast), upper body, (night city background), bokeh, curvy, light smile, looking at viewer, armpits
  • ukrainian arabian woman, chignon, close-up, pink lips, smile, (red lace bra), (pastel grey background)
  • cute woman, (braid hair), smile, white gold lace blouse, close up, natural lighting
  • cute woman, light smile, white weeding dress, white veil, embroidery clothes, standing, (close-up), natural lighting
  • woman, chignon, (close-up:1.2), smile, (black camisole), (dark background), (low key:1.2), black and white
  • woman, happy, splashing pastel painting with bright light on background, face focus
  • raw photo, cute javanese japanese woman, (close-up), naked, natural lighting,  shadow through her face, white background
  • 21 years old woman, lips, medium curly highlight hair, short frilled dress, upper body, (pastel color background), leaves, curvy, light smile, looking at viewer
  • raw photo of woman, cute face, chignon,  light smile, upper body, casual blouse, vintage style
  • 22 years old cute javanese woman, hijab, (close-up), centered, light smile, orange background
  • ukrainian woman, short hair, upper body, light smile, large breast, (black tank top:1.2), grey background
  • cute javanese woman, in a jungle, medium hair, close-up,  smile, (white baseball shirt), leaves
  • ukrainian woman, medium hair, upper body, light smile, large breast, yellow cute dress, white background
  • cute woman, fantasy photograph, dynamic, Canon 5d mark 4, macro lens, HDR, loop lighting, Lomography Color 100, Fish-eye Lens, volumetric lighting, Depth of field 100mm, Light, Long exposure, Neon Light, Fuji superi400, Low shutter, Intentional Camera Movement, Warm lighting, Sony A9 II, 800mm lens, Kinemacolor, studio lighting, Kodak Portra 160, 50mm, waning light, Ilford HP5+ 400,  F/8
  • woman, laughing, bright light on gradient pastel background, face focus
  • cute japanese woman, cute face, bob cut, (close up), light smile, looking at viewer, (office lady), (office background), potted plant, (collared white shirt), sleeveless, miniskirt, black skirt, (arms behind head), armpits, natural lighting
  • woman, surreal dramatic lighting shadow (lofi, analog), kodak film by Brandon Woelfel Ryan McGinley,  moment eyes, beautiful face, sexy girl, mid body, sunset light, sexy outfit, forests
  • 23 years old korean woman, cute face, ponytail,  light smile, upper body, bokeh, at fruits market, dynamic pose
  • korean russian woman, bob hair, upper body, light smile, aegyo sal makeup, (nude), orange background, (front view:1.2)
  • 30 years old woman, expressionless, medium hair, bangs, beige knit t-shirt, miniskirt, pleated skirt, medium breast, soft brown background, medium shot
  • woman, looking at viewer, soft smile, brown hair, short hair, casual cute blouse, (film grain:1.4), (cafe,  indoors, table, chair:1.2), (sitting:1.2), (close-up), looking at another, bokeh, camera noise, Fujifilm XT3
  • cute woman, bob hair, (glasses), upper body, light smile, cute makeup, towel wrap, onsen background, wet
  • woman, splashing pastel painting with bright light on background, face focus
  • 19 years old cute woman, bob hair,  (glasses), upper body,  ight smile,  (orange tank top), cleavage, outdoor, red rose field, petals, bokeh
  • javanese woman, long hair, flowing hair, strapless tank top, miniskirt, upper body, outdoor, light smile, leica, (lens flare), golden hour, warm lighting, bokeh
  • woman, chignon, close-up, pink lips, smile, (black knitted sweater), (pastel grey background)
  • 20 years old cute japanese woman, bob hair,  glasses, (upper body),  ight smile, cute gown, collarbone, bokeh simple background
  • raw photo of french fries with melting cheese on top, on a plate, wood table, night, cinematic lighting, (low key), close-up, hdr
  • 694617179796269077

"Ayu" means beautiful in Indonesia.

Aiming to create something beautiful.

With T3n50r-4rt updating their rules and regulations, it's becoming very very disadvantageous for free users, particularly creators like myself.

As I utilize an AMD GPU and Draw Things for image generation, there might be variations in the generated images.


▶️ Ayu (I)

🔹 First version.

▶️ Ayu (II)

🔹 Better than Ayu (I).

▶️ Ayu (III)

🔹 Add pastel color filter.

🔹 ClipSkip 1 and 2 now have more different results.

🔹 Also good at glasses I think.

🔹 And explore it yourself.



🔹 As always, make it simple and just type your desired prompts. (Masterpiece, best quality and so on), it's not necessary.


🔹 (worst quality, low quality:2)

no need to add really really long prompts like you're writing on thesis, or you'll just got bad results


🔹 Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

🔹 Steps: 25

🔹 CFG scale: 7

🔹 Clip skip: 1

🔹 VAE: mse-840000

🔹 Hires fix Upscale: 2x-3x

🔹 Upscaler: Latent, 4x-UltraSharp

🔹 Denoise: 0.4-0.45

*you can also use clip skip 2 to create faces (and some minors) variation.


🔹 Use hires fix using settings above.

🔹 For face (optional), you can use ADetailer by choosing face model and set inpaint denoising strength to 0.3-0.4.

🔹 For LCM:

➡️ Steps: 8

➡️ CFG Scale: 1

➡️ Hires fix Upscaler: Latent

➡️ Hires fix Steps: 4

➡️ Denoise: 0.4-0.5

Enjoy it~

And thank you for using mymodel.

(〃 ̄︶ ̄)人( ̄︶ ̄〃)

If you want to support me, just send me a buffet.

Thank you 💖💖

⚠️ Generation NSFW of real person using this model is strictly prohibited! Please use wisely! ⚠️

Base ModelSD 1.5
Ayu version (III). Featured pastel filter colors.
  • Reprinting is strictly prohibited

  • Download the model file

  • Use without crediting

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: None


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