Confetti & Glitter Dragons (SDXL version)




New Version currently in the works!


Aimed at creating dragons with trailing particles or dissolving into particles.

Picture a dragon flying over a city, sending confetti down to those celebrating Chinese new year below. Alternatively, imagine a nature dragon spirit leaving a trail of flower petals and clover leaves on the wind.

Noticed issues & tips (to be updated continuously)

  • It really likes to add in balloons and floating lanterns—consider negative prompting those if they don’t fit your mood or scene

  • It is prone to occasionally overexposing when combined with some other loras—if this happens, switching to euler a or a model with karras may solve the issue. Alternatively, use one of the earlier uploaded epochs. The last version is not quite as flexible as epochs 4-7

  • Tail problem—I’m still troubleshooting best solutions for when the lora creates multiple tails or fused tails (and also trying to figure out the cause! I specifically repainted parts of the training data by hand to get rid of tail issues 🤔🤷‍♀️). However! So far the best solution seems to be adding more detailed expression for the tail (e.g. “long tail winding toward the right”, or “almost fully dissolved tail”, or “one thin short tail elegantly curving back”)

  • Recommended negatives—simple background, empty background, no background, undetailed eyes, etc.

I am open to suggestions and feedback. I hope you have some fun with the lora!

Version Detail

Trained by Tensor
SDXL 1.0

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