#promptmagician para concurso de MSI.

Please generate an image where a majestic red dragon is positioned behind an MSI Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card, which should be in the foreground, prominently displayed. In the background, there should be towering volcanic mountains, creating a dramatic setting. The lighting should be warm and soft, with golden tones mixed with red, evoking a sense of protection and fury. Ensure that the image conveys both the power of the dragon and the technological prowess of the graphics card.
((1 MSI Graphic Card, internal graphic card)), (MSI), (GeForce RTX 3080), ((rectangular graphic card, (three fans))), Red Dragon from MSI, MSI Graphic Card details, 1 Red dragon holds the video card, ((Dragon fury backgrond, desktop computer background)),
(((graphic car focus, full graphics card, realistic lighting))), ray tracing, Super realistic photographic cinematic image 8K ULTRA HD HDR, magical photography, super detailed, (ultra detailed), (best quality, super high quality image, masterpiece), dramatic lighting, 8k, UHD, intricate detail, (gradients), comprehensive cinematic, colorful, visual key, highly detailed, hyper-realistic, style,echmrdrgn,Dragon,Add more detail,1 girl,dragon, ,gameroomconcept

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