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blur image
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  • masterpiece, best quality,1girl,sweater,white background,
  • masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, air bubble, bare shoulders, breasts, bubble, dress, earrings, grey eyes, hair ornament, jewelry, long hair, necklace, solo, underwater, upper body, water, white dress, white hair
  • masterpiece, best quality,(((best quality))),(((ultra detailed))),(((masterpiece))),a seductive queen sitting on her majestic throne. She emanates an aura of sensuality and power,with a captivating presence that commands attention. Her attire is both regal and revealing,accentuating her alluring curves. The throne room is adorned with opulence,reflecting her status as a ruler. The atmosphere is filled with an air of desire and intrigue.,
  • masterpiece, best quality,((red leather suit)), thighband pantyhose, simple background, pink background, ((bright theme)), (masterpiece),((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed CG illustration),(expressionless), (best quality:1.2),(1girl:1.2),High quality texture, intricate details, detailed texture, High quality shadow, brown eye pupil, depth of field, perspective,20s, (big eyes:1.2),blush, glossy lips, perfect body, lean body, (narrow waist:1.3), large breast, distinct_image, (lustrous skin), solo focus, (brown hair), (streaked hair), ((long hair))
  • masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, red background, black hair, Long curly hair, face front, ((red fashion silk lone costume with red swirling vortexes pattern)), ((Red Plush Fur Hat)), emotional face, (close up portrait), make up, studio light, studio
  • masterpiece, best qualityhongchen, 1girl, solo, brown hair, looking at viewer, jewelry, earrings, hair ornament, outdoors, long hair, parted lips, brown eyes, realistic, chinese clothes, long sleeves, upper body, from side, lips,
  • masterpiece, best qualityportrait, solo, upper body, (bloody scars:0.7), looking at viewer, detailed background, detailed face, (<lora:GrecoRomaPunkAI:0.6>, grecopunkai theme:1.1),   jungle warrior,  primal fury,  wild hair, defensive stance, Road Sign Orange  tribal clothing,  smeared mud, bead talisman, tattered cloak, leaves, exotic plants, stones, exotic  temple in background, snake in background,  tropical climate, low light, mysterious mist, cinematic atmosphere,
  • masterpiece, best quality(style-swirlmagic:0.8),  solo, upper body, detailed background, detailed face, (<lyco:HorrorBundlev4:0.4>, 1nf3rnalAI, infernal theme:1.1)   (mouth open:0.65), elemental fiery armored fighter, [heavy armor:molten rock:2], covered in molten rock, ruby gemstone,  magma,      floating particles, ashes, lava pools in background,   cinematic cataclysmic atmosphere,
  • masterpiece, best quality(style-swirlmagic:0.8), (focus on character:1.1),  solo, upper body, looking up, detailed background, detailed face, (<lyco:DecorationBundlev2:0.6>, SilverSapphireAI theme:1.1),  mystical atlantean, aquatic ,   scale pattern, breathing underwater, stoic,   seashell trinkets,  bubbles,  weightless, drifting, seaweed, under the sea, underwater,  enveloped in maelstrom, magical aura,  ancient underwater civilization, sunken ruins,    coral reef in background,  surrounded by ( whales:0.8), translucence, bioluminsecence, mystical atmosphere,
  • masterpiece, best qualityStyle-GravityMagic,  solo, upper body, detailed background, detailed face, (<lora:ChronomancyAI:0.5>, ChronomancyAI, chronomancy theme:1.1), wide smile,  (card-wizard:1.05), swindler, Champagne Pink magician outfit, dynamic pose, (cards floating in the air:1.15),  <lora:Fire_VFX:0.4>, flames in background,  ethereal atmosphere,
  • masterpiece, best quality portrait, looking at viewer, solo, upper body, detailed background, close up,  detailed face, (<lora:ChromeTech:0.6>,    chrometech theme:1.1), crystal mage,   earth themed clothes, crystal crown, ice crystals floating in the air, glowing  crystals, surrounded by white  minerals, emerald,    magical floating particles,    icy canyon background,   cinematic ethereal atmosphere,  reflections,
  • masterpiece, best quality solo, (full body:0.6), looking at viewer, detailed background, detailed face, (<lyco:DecorationBundlev2:0.6>, CircuitBoardAI, electronic theme:1.1), secret agent, disguised, subterfuge,  intrigue, surveillance,  heist, infiltration, covert operation,   spy gear, Warm Gray spy clothes, hood, compound in background, shadows,  cinematic atmosphere,
  • masterpiece, best quality  solo, half shot, detailed background, detailed face, (<lora:GlyphTech:0.5>,  scifi,   glyphtech theme:1.1) (glowing fiery eyes:1.05),  (mouth open:0.65), primal fiery  fighter, [heavy armor:molten rock:2], engulfed in flames, ruby gemstone, flowing lava,  steam, dynamic pose,    firestorm in background, <lora:Fire_VFX:0.3>,  epic fiery atmosphere,
  • masterpiece, best quality(Style-SwampMagic:0.4), portrait,  looking at viewer, solo, upper body, detailed background, (<lora:MahabharataPunkAI:0.6>, MahabharataPunkAI theme:1.1)  gentle smile, gentle, serene,  priest, casting light spell, praying,  bright clouds, floating leaves, arms raised, Ivory clothes,  magic incense, divine spell, mana, bright realistic lighting, heavenly landscape in background,

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Recommend: CFG scale: 7

Sampling Step: 30-60

Sampling MethodDPM+ 2M Karras or Euler a

ADetailer ON


masterpiece, best quality


(worst quality:1.5), (low quality:1.5), (normal quality:1.5), lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands

Base ModelSD 1.5
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