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Standing Split Presenting Pose LyCORIS!

Making models can be time consuming. If you like what I do consider giving this a rating and commissioning a model or supporting me with donations!

This model is capable of both SFW and NSFW but can have a bias depending on the prompting! If you want to take part in future contests or VIP votes on my next public model creations, join my discord server and boost or commission a model from me! The trigger word is sspv1. You need to add arm up to your negative prompts. Weight at 0.8 is recommended, but if you're experimenting with additional lora/locons expect to have to shift weights around for the desired effect. Additional trigger words like standing split, flexible, leg lift, leg up, kneepits, split, spread legs will produce a greater effect.

Version Detail

SD 1.5

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Reprinting is strictly prohibited

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