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blur image
(phoenix turbo text logo), neon red, smoke, fire, flames, dripping, blood, red and blue colors
  • (phoenix turbo text logo), neon red, smoke, fire, flames, dripping, blood, red and blue colors
  • enigma, close up portrait of a beautiful girl with a black mask, a white dress, black tie, white bra, beautiful face, black hair, red lips, hyper detail, high resolution, bokeh, close up, details, intricate, elegant, luxury, dramatic lighting, octane render, unreal engine, 8k, artstation hdr, concept art, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha
  • A golden retrievers wearing Dark brown wool coat, walking on the Champs - É lys é es, The Red High Heels,carrying an LV bag, paired with a Mermaid, qiu shengxian, argus c3, hats, Joel robison,personality, shot from an oversized view, Introduction, Fun, Dramatic lighting, Orange, Coffee color, dark coffee color
  • labyrinthine room, dark corridor, a room is flooded with water with red floor, in the style of pixar animation, trending on artstation, high detail
  • enigma, octane render, unreal engine, cinematic, hyper realism, 16k, depth of field, bokeh. iridescent accents. vibrant. teal and gold and diamond blue and pink and green scheme
  • detailed portrait of a beautiful post apocalyptic offworld desert alien creature, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, unreal engine 5, 8k, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha
  • inspired by Anieszka Osipa artworks, extremely Beautiful veiled medieval woman, Dark fashion portrait, supermodel photoshoot aesthetic. Inspired by black metal bands, Norse shamanism, Low saturated colours, subdued light, background is old massive Castle
  • A waist up portrait of a splendid 28 years old Romanian woman looking at camera being happy, rave, wearing a hoodie, smile, on e bed, indistinguishable from reality with detailed facial features, cinematic shot
  • enigma, by zdzisław beksinski, by francis bacon, by takato yamamoto, by georgia o keeffe, by maciej kuciara, moisture, high detail, grain, blue and cyan color scheme, soft lighting
  • enigma 14 mm, 8k, sensual lighting, highly detailed, photography, digital art, trending in artstation, classical painting, smooth, sharp focus
  • beautiful nude girl on the beach, highly detailed, masterpiece, award winning, sharp focus, hyper realistic, photography, canon eos 450D
  • drawing of a zombie (scary) in the style of vibrant caricatures, textural brushwork, shadowy intensity, strong facial expression, gestural brushwork, agja clack, comic book style, colorful
  • the black silhouette of Superman in front of a red background, in the style of movie poster, stark minimalism, symmetry, silhouette
  • clown wearing a wild west cowboy hat
  • a beautiful and attractive woman as sun goddess, hair as flame, shining particles everywhere, gold detailed, high quality, Watercolor of intricate fantasy
  • lots of fluffy cute cats in rainbow colors in pixar style

Phoenix by Arteiaman SDXL TURBO V1.0

  • Works well with ✔CFG Scale 1.5-2.2 You can try others.

  • Sampler ✔DPM++ SDE Karras ->✔Sampling Steps 4 to 7

  • If You want to use ✔Euler A you must increase the steps to ✔7 or more.

  • Please do NOT use ❌DPM++ 2M karras ❗❗❗

  • If You add LoRA then ✔add 1 step per 1 LoRA (recommended max 7 steps, adding 3 LoRA use 9-10 steps).

  • I turn on SDXL Refiner, and select VAE: sdxl_vae.safetensors (optional).

Trained with the new Turbo version of SDXL.

Phoenix by Arteiaman V1.0

This is my first model and I have decided to publish it now that it is mature and sufficiently tested (in fact, it is the one I use regularly). It is a merge of several models and loras exquisitely selected from a multitude of models that I have been testing over the last few months. It has been a hard work of testing and testing and testing until I got this model which I consider to be one of the best for almost all purposes.

I think it is a unique model and I will have a hard time improving it but it is not for me to say so. I encourage you to try it and leave your reviews and pictures. I accept all criticism.

As I said before, it is a multipurpose model and works well with almost everything. It generates non-explicit NSFW content.

  • works well with cfg 5-8

  • no refiner needed.

  • Vae included

You can follow me on instagram @arteiaman and twitter(X) @arteiaman: If you like my model you can invite me for a coffee

Feel free to post images with this model and let's check how well it works. I thank in advance all those who download the model and post comments with their criticisms that will serve to improve it in the future.

Base ModelSDXL 1.0
  • Download the model file

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