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Fine-tuning a model is a laborious task, and testing its performance hundreds or thousands of times is exhausting.

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AlbedoBase XL (SFW&NSFW)

The refiner is unnecessary, and VAE is included.

Leaving the negative prompt blank is the way to achieve nice quality.


Stable Diffusion XL has 6.6 billion parameters, which is about 6.6 times more than the SD v1.5 version. I believe that this is not just a number, but a number that can lead to a significant improvement in performance.

It has been a while since we realized that the overall performance of SD v1.5 has improved beyond imagination thanks to the explosive contributions of our community. Therefore, I am working on completing this AlbedoBase XL model in order to optimally reproduce the performance improvement that occurred in v1.5 in this XL version as well.

My goal is to directly test the performance of all Checkpoints and LoRAs that are publicly uploaded to Civitai, and merge only the resources that are judged to be optimal after passing through several filters. This will surpass the performance of image-generating AI of companies such as Midjourney.

As of now, AlbedoBase XL v0.4 has merged exactly 55 selected checkpoints and 138 LoRAs.

- The spec grid of the model can be downloaded through this link:


More details:


Version Detail

SDXL 1.0
I have written a custom script to converge the existing AlbedoBase XL models into one. Intricately aligning the row and column weights of all U-NET and CLIP blocks according to a unique formula of mine.

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