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JDM Cars XL, an advanced AI model meticulously crafted for high-precision image generation. Built upon the cutting-edge SDXL DPO base, this model sets a new standard in training efficiency, delivering crisp and intricately detailed images. With an exceptional ability to produce realistic, drawing, and cartoon styles, JDM Cars XL boasts a flexibility that brings your creative vision to life. Its sleek design and almost error-free performance make it a sophisticated choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  1. High-Precision Training: JDM Cars XL is engineered for precision, ensuring that each generated image is sharp and detailed.

  2. SDXL DPO Base: Leveraging the power of the SDXL DPO base, our model offers superior training capabilities, resulting in a more refined output.

  3. Versatile Image Generation: From realistic portrayals to artistic drawings and captivating cartoon styles, JDM Cars XL adapts to your creative needs effortlessly.

  4. Detailed JDM Car Generations: Specialized in recreating iconic JDM cars such as Nissan Skyline and Supra, the model excels in producing detailed and authentic automotive imagery.

  5. Wide Compatibility: JDM Cars XL seamlessly works with all major samplers, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and applications.

  6. Minimal Loss Training: Trained with minimal loss, our model prioritizes data integrity, guaranteeing an impressive level of accuracy in image generation.

  7. Awesome Dataset: Backed by an exceptional dataset, JDM Cars XL draws from a rich source of information, contributing to the creation of stunning and lifelike visuals.

  8. Flexibility and Aesthetics: The model's flexibility, combined with its visually appealing output, makes it an indispensable tool for creative projects, design work, and artistic endeavors.

Experience the next level of AI image generation with JDM Cars XL – where precision meets versatility in creating captivating visuals. 🚗✨

Base ModelSDXL 1.0
Settings: works with almost every sampler and dimension Checkpoint: Unity Engine works good as my tests goes Trigger word is aw0k car but not necessary as it provides little/unnecessary change It can generate a lot of text on cars so it can be nice include (text, watermark:1.3) to the negative prompt Also keep in my that cars have a lot of detail by design, so it can be beneficial to avoid high detail with the prompts.
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Commercial use: Sell generated images


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