CatGen Whisker Wizard XL (RealismAI)




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CatGen is an AI model that is meticulously crafted with lots of love for our street companions, drawing inspiration from the vibrant and enchanting feline residents of Istanbul. Trained on a dataset comprising 200 high-quality cat images and 800 regularization pictures, this model seamlessly captures the essence of these feline companions. Ready to generate the most realistic images of cats?

  • Trained on a dataset of 200 cat images and 800 regularization pictures

  • 40,000 steps of training completed within a dedicated 24-hour period

  • High precision, generating cat images with minimal errors

  • Outdoor generations, multiple cats, artsy prompts all work fine.

  • Fur detail is good, hands and legs near perfect

  • Human transformation/poses with cats have never been easier.

  • One downside is its a bit hard to generate poses with humans for now. It will be improved on the next version.

  • Versatile in generating cat images in various styles and resolutions

  • Operates without the need for a variational autoencoder (VAE) or adetailer

  • Suitable for long-term maintenance and use

  • Allowing free downloads, enjoy running the model locally

  • User feedback for continuous improvement is welcome.

In my commitment to excellence, I plan to maintain and nurture this model for the long term. Your feedback is invaluable to me, and welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have to further enhance the CatGen.

Note: I care a lot for street companions, I know streets are not good places for them, whenever I see a sick one, I take it to the vet, get looked up, sterilised, care for a time, find new homes etc. Every click for this model is helpful, if it generates any revenue, it will most probably go to street animals FYI!

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Version Detail

SDXL 1.0
v2, trained with 2x largest images. included more artwork in the dataset. expect more creativity besides realism.

Project Permissions

Reprinting is strictly prohibited

    Use Permissions

  • Use without crediting me

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

    Commercial Use

  • Sell generated images

  • Use on generation services

  • Sell this model or merges


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