3d Abstract Reindeer




3d Abstract ReindeerLoRA#27

My little LoRA for creating beautifulminimalistic Reindeer. I love minimalism & I'm an honorary Reindeer, so why not. It's just a bit of fun, easy to use & generates stunning results. I have to give a huge thank you to alexds9, who has helped me with so many things since we were put in the same team, and without his kindness and time, I'd still be troubleshooting things now💖 Do check out his work,☝ it's amazing!

It's trained on: Juggernaut~Aftermath and is best in 768 x 768 res.

LoRA: 0.65>0.9 (0.9 my fav)

DPM++2M Karras

Steps: <30>

CFG: 7

Clip: 2

I don't possess all the bells & whistles some of you do, I have very basic equipment and every LoRA I create is painstakingly manually tagged by hand after collecting my images one at a time. So, if you enjoy my work and can spare a Talent to support a poor ex-leper, you can do so here, or give me a little buzz, that always gets a girl excited 💋

A very merry Christmas to one and all, please.....✨Post, Post, Post✨

Love & Digital Kisses


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SD 1.5

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