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A LoCon representing the concept of "Undersized clothes".

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Trigger: undersized clothes

How to use: Use the trigger and the clothes you want, note that oversized clothes can make it difficult to produce good results. You must use a size for breasts and/or ass, depending on what you want to achieve. You can additionally use tags such as skindentation, bursting breasts if needed

Works on: 0.7-1 (you can go to 1.4 if needed)


1.Use a checkpoint that can do nsfw quite easily to make things easier (works good on non nsfw models too)
2.Use tags that can help to achieve what you want. Examples: underboob, sideboob, skindentation, bursting breasts

3.If your using character loras and it doesn't work try to lower the weight of the the character's lora and if the character uses oversized clothes try step 2 or even modifying the character's clothes.

4.Increase the weight of the model if you need it, shouldn't be a problem as long as it isn't more than 1.4.

You won't get perfect results each try, it depends on many things like the pose of the prompt, type of clothing, breast/ass size, etc.
If you need help post a comment and I'll gladly try to help :D

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Version Detail

SD 1.5
<ul><li><p>Improved consistency</p></li><li><p>Even more tight!</p></li><li><p>Works with more types of clothes</p></li></ul>

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