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SD 1.5
TRY IT!!! and you'll see "WildCardX- RPG " WildCardx-RPG is a merged with my WildCardX(Realistic) Go and check out both! "WildCard X " Please check out my other LORA MODELs , What's special? The model has highly knowledge of what a photo is, it is a highly trained and properly merged with top models. New upcoming versions would be focusing more about Animals, buildings and other resources , RPG as this model is already perfectly trained on humans. How to use? Prompt: simple explanation of the image Negative: "(worst quality, low quality, normal quality, lowres, low details, oversaturated, undersaturated, overexposed, underexposed, grayscale, bw, bad photo, bad photography, bad art:1.4), ( watermark, signature, text font, username, error, logo, words, letters, digits, autograph, trademark, name:1.2), " Steps: >20 Clip Skip: 1-2 CFG Scale: 3, 5-7 Sampler: Any Sampler but will give good results with Euler A or DPM++ 2M Karras Size: 512x768 or 768x512 Hires upscaler: 4x-UltraMix_Balanced (Denoising strength 0.25-0.45 , Upscale: 1.1-2.0 ) Thanks to the creators of these models for their work. Without them it would not have been possible to create this model. SD 1.5 Base Main Training Sets Realistic vision Absolute reality epiCRealism RPG5 >>> UPLOADING/SHARING MY MODELS OUTSIDE CIVITAI IS STRICLY PROHIBITED* <<< This model is free for personal use and free for personal merging( * ) . For commercial use , please be sure to contact me Discord or by email: ladiaej@gmail.com ⭐ Feel free to leave Reviews and Samples - and always have fun creating 🍟🍟🍟

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