Another bored color chaos

Original - TenStar Fund


Step into the kaleidoscopic realm of the 'Another bored color chaos LoRA'! This isn't your ordinary model; it's a wild and ingenious painter, a color alchemist turning your ideas into explosions of visual vibrancy. Picture a digital canvas where each stroke is a celebration of hues, a whirlwind of shades dancing in a symphony of light and shadow.

In this realm, the rules of color are reimagined by a maestro of chromatic chaos. Fancy an ocean of neon hues with waves that sing melodies of color? Or an enchanted forest where trees shimmer in every shade of the rainbow, and magical creatures leave trails of prismatic light? With the 'Another bored color chaos LoRA', each image becomes a universe of possibilities, a visual spectacle that defies expectations and revels in creative chaos.

Brace yourself to dive into a sea of vivid colors, where each pixel is a star in a galaxy of overflowing fantasy and creativity. This model is an ode to boundless imagination, a journey through a rainbow of ideas where the only predictable thing is surprise and wonder. Welcome to the color frenzy of the 'Chaotic Rainbow LoRA', where every image is an unforgettable visual adventure!

Base ModelSDXL 1.0
Trigger Words
  • Reprinting is strictly prohibited

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  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: Sell generated images


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