Padoru (Meme) (Christmas)



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  • ,  Padoru_Meme, 1girl, blush, smile, open mouth, blonde hair, long sleeves, dress, holding, green eyes, braid, ahoge, :d, hair bun, red dress, single hair bun, red headwear, meme, holding sack,Padoru_Meme
  • <lora:Padoru_Meme:1>,, gawrdef,Padoru_Meme, 1girl, long hair, blush, smile, open mouth, blue eyes, simple background, hair ornament, long sleeves, white background, holding, blue hair, standing, tail, full body, :d, grey hair, teeth, wide sleeves, blunt bangs, two side up, streaked hair, sleeves past wrists, blue headwear, meme, fish tail, shark tail, shark girl, shark hair ornament, holding sack <lora:gawr1-000006:1>
  • <lora:Padoru_Meme:1>, Padoru_Meme, open mouth, ((masterpiece,best quality)), absurdres, <lora:mona_v1:0.4>, aamona, long hair, twintails, hair ornament, black ribbon, earrings, purple headwear,  cowboy shot,  smile,
  • <lora:Padoru_Meme:1>, Padoru_Meme, open mouth, masterpiece, best quality, highres, aahana, long hair, brown hair, headphones, whisker markings, shoulder pads, blue bodysuit, ribbed bodysuit, animal print, clothes writing, long sleeves, white gloves, <lora:d.va_v1:0.5>, cowboy shot, standing, smile, open mouth,
  • <lora:Padoru_Meme:1>, Padoru_Meme, open mouth, ((masterpiece,best quality)), absurdres, hm2b, black blindfold, covered eyes, mole under mouth, clothing cutout, long sleeves, puffy sleeves,  juliet sleeves, feather trim, black thighhighs, black gloves, black dress, black skirt, thigh boots, <lora:y2b_v2-1:0.5>, holding weapon, katana, night, cyberpunk,
  • <lora:Padoru_Meme:1>, Padoru_Meme, open mouth, ((masterpiece,best quality)), absurdres, (finely detailed beautiful eyes: 1.2), phyami, yaminor, 1girl, solo, blonde hair, long hair,  red eyes, thigh strap, very long hair, detached sleeves, black dress,  <lora:yami-v1:1.0>,
  • <lora:Padoru_Meme:1>, Padoru_Meme, open mouth, ((masterpiece,best quality)), absurdres, <lora:Boosette_Mario_Anime:0.9>, Boosette_Mario, 1girl, long hair, white hair, long white dress, ballroom dress, white gloves,  solo, smiling, blushing, looking at viewer, cowboy shot,
  • <lora:Padoru_Meme:1>, Padoru_Meme, open mouth, ((masterpiece,best quality)), absurdres, <lora:Marnie_Pokemon_Dim32:0.5>, Marnie_Pokemon, aqua eyes, black choker, red ribbon,  jewelry, pink dress, black jacket, open clothes, long sleeves, solo, smiling, looking at viewer, cowboy shot,  ,
  • <lora:Padoru_Meme:1>, Padoru_Meme, open mouth, ((masterpiece,best quality)), absurdres, long hair,   <lora:hilda1-000010:1>,  solo, smile, def1, solo, smiling, looking at viewer, cowboy shot,  ,

🎄Merry Christmas! 🎅

Please check out my Christmas themed Loras: https://civitai.com/collections/119478

I'll be adding Loras until Christmas.

Lets get this Christmas season started the right way! Please partake in Padoru on ******* https://www.*******.com/watch?v=efdN69QscAg

This Lora is kind of adaptable so if you use a lower weight it wont force the Padoru form but it will create a santa outfit and a vague meme expression.

Trained on: 118 images

Training Model: AnyLoRA_noVae_fp16-pruned

flip_aug: False

Num of Repeats: 10

Unit is Epochs or Steps: Epochs

Number of Epochs or Steps: 10

Training Batch Size: 2

Network Dim: Dim=32; Alpha=16

Lora Creation Process took: 1:04:16

Base ModelSD 1.5
Trigger Words
  • Download the model file

  • Use without crediting

  • Share merges of this model

  • Use different permissions on merges

Commercial use: Use on generation services


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