3D Mesh by Pixel




3D Mesh puts a digital Mesh over the image. It usually works by Having 3D mesh at the start of your prompt, but it is trained on the words: 3D mesh digital Matrix, Amidst the dynamic world of 3D design. Which I use it as: 3D mesh digital Matrix " what you want in the image" amidst the dynamic world of 3D design.

I have run it with other lora's and it genrally needs to be the highest value Lora for it to work well. By it's self I have run it from .1-1.3 and it still seems to work apart from anything above 1 things start to get a bit crazy, in a good way, but there isn't much control over what comes out.

I trust you'll find delight in this LoRA experience. Should you wish to extend support, kindly consider hitting the buffet button.

Version Detail

SDXL 1.0

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