ToonFusion 3D - LCM Edition




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🔎 What is LCM and how does it work?

LCM stands for Latent Consistency Model, which is a novel technique for accelerating text-to-image generation tasks. LCM are distilled from pre-trained latent diffusion models (LDM), which are powerful generative models that can produce high-quality images from text prompts. LCM learn to mimic the behavior of LDM, but with much fewer inference steps and lower computational cost. LCM achieve this by using a latent consistency loss, which ensures that the latent codes of LCM are close to those of LDM at each step. LCM also use a LoRA distillation method, which reduces the memory consumption and improves the image quality.

Recommended Parameters:

  • VAE: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned.ckpt

  • Sampling Method: Euler a | Kindly avoid using other samplers, as results may not meet expectations. After extensive testing, Euler a Sampler stands out as the optimal choice. However, if you're still inclined to experiment, consider giving this one a shot.

  • Sampling Steps: 4➡️16 | Initiate with 4 for a safe start, progressing to 10.

  • CFG Scale: 1➡️2 | A cautious starting point is 1.

  • Clip Skip: 2

  • Upscaler: 4x-UltraSharp➡️R-ESRGAN 4x+

  • Hires Steps: 2➡️8

  • Denoising Strength: 0.1➡️0.3

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Version Detail

SD 1.5
📝 Please Note: As this model is still under development, you may encounter occasional imperfections or inconsistencies in the generated images. We are continuously working on addressing these issues and improving the model's performance. 🤝 Feedback and Contribution: We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we strive to refine this model. Please share your experiences and provide any insights that could help us enhance its capabilities.

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