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Arc en Gowns, a Gown collection by Wrench

This is supposed to be a collection of some Gown LoRAs that I'm gonna work on in Experimental way.

Inspired from @EDG

I know noone gonna listen but still, look at licensing it doesn't allow upload to other online generation services. And I expect people of civitai to be sane humans and adhere to it. Thanks for understanding.

How to use

  • Add LoRA in prompt, then use the trigger keywords from version Info.

  • Additionally, look in showcase images for examples.


elegadome: This version is supposed to generate more domed, fluffy gowns.

logown: This version is supposed to generate Lolita inspired Short gowns.

rococodome: This version is supposed to generate Rococo fashion inspired gowns.

faeflare: This version is supposed to generate glowing fantasy inspired mumbo jumbo mystical enchanted gowns (even I don't know what to call it).

If you like the shit I do, and you don't mind, you can buy me a kofi.

Version Detail

SD 1.5
<p>For this one, I decided to experiment with having faceless people in the dataset. What I did was, I colored the faces of the people from so that it appears faceless. It can do very good gown domes and works kinda when prompting sitting too.</p><p><strong>Recommended Weight</strong>: 0.7-1(works best on 1)</p><p><strong>Trigger: </strong><code>wrenchelegadome</code></p><p><strong>Helpers: </strong>Start prompting the dress details like patterns, colors, prints etc like `red dress | white dress | black dress | floral print | backless dress | golden embroidery | puffy sleeves` bound by imagination.</p><p><strong>Notes</strong>:</p><ul><li><p>Don't forget to prompt a female character.</p></li><li><p>Characters generated appears faceless or smudged face details. Use Adetailer or inpainting to paint faces back. Well, yes I could have not done the faceless thing, but due to low resolution Dataset, I wanted to prevent messed up faces hence the flaw.</p></li><li><p>yes it works with real checkpoints as well.</p></li></ul>

Project Permissions

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